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  • fed language barrier

    DOJ Calls on Federal Agencies to Break Down Language Barriers

    Dec 02, 2022

    In a recently issued memorandum, the Department of Justice has requested that federal agencies review their language access practices and policies to strengthen the federal government’s engagement with individuals with limited English proficiency.

  • COVID Fears Article

    COVID Fears Still a Factor for Quarter of U.S. Workforce

    Nov 29, 2022

    By and large, concerns over contracting COVID-19 have waned over the two-plus years of the pandemic, but a new Gallup poll suggests coronavirus-related fears are still a factor for roughly a quarter of the U.S. workforce. 
  • DOJ Gender Equality Network Calls on OPM To Ban Salary History in Hiring

    Nov 22, 2022

    In a letter to the director of the Office of Personnel Management, a group of U.S. Department of Justice workers urge federal leaders to ban salary history questions from the hiring process, saying these types of queries further existing pay gaps.

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