Mark Van Bruggen - Candidate Statement and Biographical Sketch

About Van Bruggen, in His Own Words:






Candidate Statement

I am a husband, father of two, and grandfather of one.  I have been working for the New Jersey Civil Service Commission for over 33 years and my areas of expertise are personnel management, classification, organizational development and the rules governing civil service.  In my professional life, IPMA-HR continues to be a valuable resource for me and my customers.  My vision for the association is to grow in membership by emphasizing how IPMA-HR can be useful to public-sector HR professionals at every stage of their career. This vision includes the encouragement to develop and grow our local chapters in an effort to improve access to IPMA-HR resources and training opportunities to our members.

To learn more about my candidacy and platform, I have established a Facebook page for postings about current HR issues and developments, as well as information about IPMA-HR and the election. I encourage you to follow and share my page with your HR friends and colleagues and tag me (@Mark.IPMAHR) with useful HR information. I can also be found on LinkedIn. Please feel free to email me too. I enjoy hearing from fellow IPMA-HR friends and colleagues.

Biographical Sketch

My top three goals as the 2023 IPMA-HR President

  1. Grow Membership – There are tens of thousands of public-sector HR professionals who, for whatever reason, do not know about IPMA-HR or have decided that IPMA-HR is not valuable enough to consider joining.  My #1 goal is to spread the word about IPMA-HR and the value of being a member of a professional association that provides the tools, training and connections which can benefit every public-sector HR professional.  With the resources and network of the association, IPMA-HR will not let you fail!
  2. Strengthen the future of IPMA-HR - Continue and enhance the foundational approach begun by the current IPMA-HR Executive Council and new IPMA-HR Executive Director to put IPMA-HR on strong financial and organizational footing.  IPMA-HR has been providing services since 1906, and I intend to do everything I can to ensure the viability of our association for generations to come.
  3. Serve the Membership – In the end, it is all about YOU!  I want to exceed the expectations of our members by providing state-of-the art training and models of best-practices to serve today’s HR professional.  Over my years in public-sector HR, I have witnessed the multitude of changes in approach and technology that have evolved in our profession.  We need an association that is nimble and adaptive to change as society, technology, and the field of public-sector HR management continues to progress.

IPMA-HR National Member and Leadership Roles

I have been a national member of IPMA-HR since 1996.  Beginning with my work to charter and revive the New Jersey Chapter while also serving on the Eastern Region Program Committee, there has rarely been a time when I haven’t worn multiple hats of leadership in the association.  From having served in nearly every officer position at the chapter and region level to serving twice on the Executive Council, IPMA-HR has become my passion. My involvement and accomplishments through IPMA-HR include:

  • Chapter President (New Jersey Chapter)
  • Region President (Eastern Region)
  • 2-time Member of the IPMA-HR Executive Council
  • 4-time Member of the IPMA-HR Finance Committee (1-time Chair)
  • 2-time Member of the IPMA-HR Nominating Committee
  • 6-time Member of the Program Committee for the IPMA-HR International Conference (2-time Chair)
  • 4-time Eastern Region President’s Award Recipient
  • IPMA-HR Eastern Region “HR Professional of the Year” award recipient (2001)
  • IPMA-HR Eastern Region “Frank H. Densler” award recipient (the Eastern Region’s highest honor - 2009)
  • 10- time Chair of the IPMA-HR Eastern Region Exhibitor/Sponsor Committee
  • IPMA-HR Certified Practitioner (and Senior Practitioner) since 2009.
  • 2-time Host Chair for the IPMA-HR Eastern Region Conference

My Public Service as a HR Professional

Since 1988, it has been my great fortune to work at the NJ Civil Service Commission for my entire career.  During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with public-sector HR professionals from the smallest beach towns to the largest cities and State agencies in New Jersey.  I have worked hard to establish a reputation that is professional and personable – taking the time to understand every situation; consider all the alternatives; seek the advice of colleagues; and respond quickly.  This has led to amazing relationships and friendships with hundreds of public servants and HR colleagues.  My philosophy is to be true to my core beliefs, listen intently to what people say, and work hard to help others attain their goals.

My Area of Practice in Public Sector HR

I am a career-long HR consultant to State and local governments, serving to guide workforce development and provide information as to the rules governing NJ Civil Service, job classification, staffing, organizational structure and best-practices in the field of HR Management.  I was recently advanced to become the HR Consultant to the Chief of Staff for the NJ Civil Service Commission.  In this new role, I advise the current administration on a myriad of Civil Service issues and appointments at the highest levels of State government.

My Education and Volunteerism

I am an IPMA-HR Certified Senior Practitioner with a B.A. in Sociology and a master’s degree in Public Administration (both from the University of Delaware).  For over 25 years, I have been an active member, officer and committee volunteer in IPMA-HR.  Outside of the profession, I am an accomplished acapella singer and now direct a men’s acapella chorus in Princeton, NJ.  I have been a long-time volunteer in my local church and food pantry.