HR Focus Areas & Emerging Issues

HR Focus Areas

The IPMA-HR Executive Council has changed HR Critical Issues to "HR Focus Areas" as of September 2014 to reflect more accurately the body of knowledge public sector HR professionals manage. There are 13 areas – each one below – with links to additional resources.

  • Budget Outlooks/Compensation
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Healthcare/Wellness
  • Employee Engagement/Rewards & Recognition/Employee Morale/Retention
  • Labor Relations
  • Information Technology/Social Media
  • Background Checks/Conviction History/Onboarding
  • Organizational Culture/Change Management
  • Pensions/Early Retirement Incentives
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment, Outreach & Assessment
  • Workforce & Succession Planning/Diversity
  • Respectful Work Environment

HR Emerging Issues

In September 2017, the IPMA-HR Executive Council approved the list of HR emerging issues, which were recommended by the Member Alignment and Relevance Committee and were based on the responses to a survey of HR directors who were asked to select their top HR challenges. There were 103 responses to the survey.

  • Workforce/succession planning
  • Competitive pay and compensation practices
  • Competitive and affordable health and other employee benefits
  • Talent management and acquisition
  • Employee engagement
  • Impact of the Affordable Care Act
  • Impact of the economy – ensuring the organization can justify the services provided to the citizens and the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation
  • Recruiting and retaining the next generation of human resource professionals
  • Creating a culture of innovation in order to improve HR and organizational performance