Long Range Strategic Plan


  • Enhance public sector performance by providing human resource leadership, advocacy, professional development, and a community of HR professionals for the sharing of resources and ideas.


  • Be the leading organization for public sector human resources.

 Strategic Goal #1 – Membership

 Objective #1

  • Increase membership by 1% annually and increase member involvement in IPMA-HR.
    • Target membership to federal, state, local governments as well as specialty groups.
    • Continue to analyze membership demographics for trends and to determine if those joining the association are newer HR professionals.
    • Develop an emerging leaders program to enhance the public HR profession.
    • Analyze demographics/member needs and restructure agency membership and the delivery of benefits as necessary.

 Objective #2

  • Enhance the partnership between the Association and the chapters and regions.
    • Establish strategies for developing and revitalizing chapters.
    • Improve communications between the Association, chapters, and regions.
    • Establish strategies for role clarity and support for the regional leadership.
    • Encourage chapters to promote national membership.
    • Analyze the impact on chapter membership resulting from the restructuring of the agency membership.

Strategic Goal #2 – Research/Advocacy

Objective #3

  • Conduct research, benchmarking, and surveys to identify best practices, successful projects/programs, and HR critical issues and utilize various strategies, including technology to communicate that information.

Objective #4

  • Promote the association’s position as the leading voice advocating for public HR professionals on federal public policy issues through enhanced communications.

Strategic Goal #3 – Professional Development/Certification

Objective #5

  • Provide professional development opportunities for HR professionals at all stages of their careers including leadership development at all levels.
  • Analyze the usage of professional development programs, develop and enhance those providing the most value, and sunset those that do not.

Objective #6

  • Broaden the marketing of the certification program so that it is valued by the HR community.
    • Encourage public agencies to identify certification as a highly desirable credential in their job announcements.
    • Encourage chapters and regions to emphasize the benefits of certification.

Objective #7

  • Identify, develop, and foster strategic international opportunities where the Association can partner for the delivery of professional development programs and certification.

Strategic Goal #4 – Assessment

Objective #8

  • Expand, develop, validate, and market quality assessment products.
  • Explore other assessment opportunities in non-public safety disciplines.

Strategic Goal #5 – Financial and Organizational Sustainability

Objective #9

  • Increase the awareness and visibility of IPMA-HR utilizing various strategies including emerging and established social media channels.

Objective #10

  • Ensure the Association’s leadership, staff, committees, taskforces, and programs are diverse and provide IPMA-HR members with growth and leadership opportunities. Assess annually the value and any overlap among the IPMA-HR committees and taskforces.

Objective #11

  • Maintain sufficient reserves to enable investments in new programs, products, and services, with an emphasis on net returns and increased relevance.

Objective #12

  • Develop and enhance relationships with public sector organizations for mutual benefit.

(Revised September 16, 2017)