All our courses are available for onsite delivery at your location. You provide the training facility and we provide the course materials and instructor.


Meet the professional development needs of your staff and maximize your training resources when you include one or more of our seminars in your organization's in-house training program. Any course can be held at your location either exclusively for your employees, or you can partner with another agency, city, state or federal sector group in your area.

  • Customize your training program to focus on issues important to your organization.
  • Bring public sector HR experts and experienced trainers to you.
  • Get your staff certified all at once – IPMA-SCP or IPMA-CP.
  • Stay up to date with the most current and emerging concepts in the public sector HR profession.
  • Deliver the same high-quality training as our individual online courses offer while minimizing travel costs, maximizing training budgets and learning alongside your colleagues.

Before you contact us to set up a training, please consider the following (we’ll need answers to these questions in order to provide you with an accurate training quote):

  • Which course(s) are you interested in hosting?
  • What are your preferred training dates?
  • How many people will be attending the training?
  • Where will the training be held (address and type of facility)?
  • What address should we send the course materials to?


Would you like to become a recognized trainer with IPMA-HR?

Hosting an IPMA-HR Training FAQs

How do I schedule an IPMA-HR training?

Please send an inquiry to with specifics on when you would like to host the training and how many participants you anticipate for the training.  A staff member will reach out within 24-hours of your request with a follow up email to set up a proposal for a training.

What is the cost of the training?

The cost of the training will vary based on which one is chosen.  Please specify the training that you are interested in in your inquiry

Where do I get the materials for the course?

Depending on the course requested, IPMA-HR will provide guidance on what is included in each program.

*Please note:  For the Public Sector HR Essentials Course-

Each student is required to purchase the Human Resource Management 15th EditionRobert L. Mathis, John H. Jackson textbook that can be found on Amazon in several different formats.

How much are the instructor expenses/fees and who is responsible for paying them?

The hosting agency is responsible for instructor fees/travel expenses (invoice bundling is available upon request).  This will vary based on the duration of the course requested.  

Can I be invoiced for the training?

Once IPMA-HR has more specifics on the training, an invoice will be created accordingly.

Where can I hold the training?

The location/venue of the training, and expenses associated with use of the venue, are the sole responsibility of the hosting agency/chapter. 

How do I become an IPMA-HR-recognized trainer?

IPMA-HR requires a trainer agreement to be submitted and approved by IPMA-HR before someone is recognized as an IPMA-HR trainer.  IPMA-HR offers a Train the Trainer session, which can be added on as an additional day of training to the Developing Competencies for HR Success training.  

What happens after I schedule the training?

IPMA-HR will need a spreadsheet confirming the participants’ contact information: name, title, agency, address, phone and email.

 Does IPMA-HR assist with catering meals?

If an agency wants to provide breakfast or lunch to their students, it is the agency responsibility.