(PLEASE NOTE:  As we transition to our new brand, we will be making a number of updates, including to our certifications. For the time being, we will continue to award the IPMA designations/certifications as they are.)

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Become a Stronger Leader, Change-Agent, and Business-Partner.

Leadership facilitates high performance – and good leadership begins in HR. Your role is no longer "just" about recruiting and benefits. Today’s human resources department plays a critical role in its agency’s success, teaching team-building skills, coaching staff, resolving disputes and building consensus, helping create a risk-taking environment, offering effective communication techniques, fostering trust relationships and more.


This comprehensive leadership course was developed to provide mid- to senior-level public sector human resource professionals with a foundation for success. You can expect to be challenged. You can also expect to receive valuable tools and solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the public sector.

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By encouraging and implementing the 20 competencies of the IPMA-HR Competency Model, both you and your staff have the tools to move from managing "people issues” to managing "people-related business issues." While covering the 20 competencies, you can expect to learn about self-assessment, building teams and coaching staff, resolving disputes and reaching consensus, creating a risk-taking environment, effective communication techniques, building trust relationships, consensus and coalition-building skills and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore the four major roles of human resources: HR expert, business partner, leader, and change agent.
  • Take a deep dive into the 20 Competencies for success, which include self-assessment, team-building and coaching, dispute resolution, consensus-building, essential communication skills, building trust relationships and more.
  • Practice new and effective communication techniques.
  • Discover the changes happening within and around public sector HR.
  • Network and share with peers from around the country.
  • Position yourself to better serve your agency's leadership with enhanced skills.
  • Improve your current organizational dynamics.
  • Take an important step toward professional certification.

Audience: Mid- to senior-level public sector HR professionals

Your trainer: TBD

Cost: $895 for members, $1,095 for nonmembers

Please review the following prerequisites and policy before registering:

Recertification points:  IPMA-CP/IPMA-SCP: 12 points

IPMA-SCP certification requires completion and payment of the IPMA-SCP Application.