Leveraging the Power of Employee Engagement in Government

Government organizations across the country are under extreme pressure – expected to maintain and improve performance and service delivery, while also doing more with less. One proven response to this challenge is to improve the level of employee engagement. A high level of employee engagement in the public sector can enable organizations to achieve strategic goals, deliver responsive service to citizens, stimulate innovation and retain valued employees, which, in turn, can also help increase public confidence in and satisfaction with government.

Research on engagement in government shows that engagement drives outcomes related to strategic goal achievement, customer service, innovation, employee retention, employee attendance and workplace safety. In other words, engaged employees are critical to your agency’s performance.

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In this highly-interactive two-day workshop, you can expect to learn how to develop and improve upon employee engagement strategies with a focus on engagement in the unique environment of government agencies.

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Key takeaways:

  • Define employee engagement and why it's important-particularly in the public sector
  • Discover the unique challenges of managing employee engagement in the public sector and what you can do to improve engagement. 
  • Find out how engagement levels compare between the public and private sectors
  • Learn how to develop an employee engagement process model
  • Discover best practices for measuring employee engagement and analyzing results
  • Gain a better understanding of the role of HR in measuring and improving employee engagement
  • Formulate your strategy for increased employee engagement, including action steps to get you started and to sustain the momentum.

Audience: Senior-level practitioners and policy makers

Your trainers:

  • Bob Lavigna, Director, Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, CPS HR Consulting
  • Fagan Stackhouse, Human Resources Director, Charleston County, South Carolina

Cost: $450 for members, $550 for nonmembers

Recertification points and CE:

  • IPMA-SCP: 3 points
  • HRCI:
  • SHRM: