The impending retirement of baby boomers is expected to have a major impact on workforce capacity. Vacancies in senior and key positions will need to be filled, yet there will be fewer people to fill them. The private and public sectors are already finding themselves engaged in an intense battle for a smaller pool of candidates with the skill set and expertise they need.

But there is something you can do.

Effective workforce and succession planning supports organizational stability and sustainability by ensuring there is an established process in place to meet staffing requirements. Future-proof your organization with the knowledge and tools provided to you in this critical course.

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Workforce and succession planning is one of the best investments you can make toward the satisfaction of your employees. It allows you to manage the risk associated with any type of critical skills gap, thereby minimizing the likelihood that anyone in your organization will have their needs unmet.

Learn the ins and outs for workforce transitions and succession planning and gain insights on how to manage the process within your organization with this essential course.

Key takeaways:

  • Get an easy-to-follow roadmap of the workforce and succession planning process.
  • Identify where and how you need to begin, and who needs to be involved.
  • Discover how to keep the plan “real” and on track.

Audience: All public sector HR professionals

Your trainer: Richard Heil is the founder of The Curtis Group. Heil served the state of Pennsylvania as the first director of personnel for the Department of Aging, director of employee relations and development, and director of personnel for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. He has conducted the Developing Competencies for HR Success course on behalf of IPMA-HR for a number of international entities, including the Asian Development Bank and Iraqi Ministries of Interior and Defense, as well as the Peoples’ Republic of China and the government of Thailand. He is also the co-writer and developer of IPMA-HR's Public Sector HR Essentials course.

Cost: This course is $450 for members and $550 for nonmembers.

Recertification points and CE:

  • IPMA-SCP/IPMA-CP: 6 points
  • HRCI: 13 credits
  • SHRM: 13 credits