(PLEASE NOTE:  As we transition to our new brand, we will be making a number of updates, including to our certifications. For the time being, please keep your IPMA designations/certifications as they are.  You worked hard for them, and they continue to carry the proficiency weight and organizational backing they have always had.   As we move forward, we will communicate any changes to come regarding certification and what steps will need to be taken.)

Certification from IPMA-HR is the recognized standard of excellence for public sector HR professionals.

Get the recognition you deserve. IPMA-HR has been the industry leader of public sector human resources since its inception in 1906. We set the bar, advancing public sector resources – and demanding excellence. Certification from IPMA-HR tells the world that you have a more advanced knowledge base and skill set, and that you meet the gold standard of public sector HR.

Business People

Obtaining the internationally recognized designation of a public sector HR expert is a smart career move.  With IPMA-HR professional certification, you:   

  • Establish your expertise.
  • Gain the credentials to command a higher salary.
  • Set yourself apart in the workplace.
  • Get the edge over the competition.
  • Achieve a sense of personal fulfillment.
  • Build your knowledge.

 There are two levels of professional certification.

  • IPMA-CP is for entry-level and mid-level public sector HR professionals.
  • IPMA-SCP is for senior-level public sector HR professionals.

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Please contact us (certification@ipma-hr.org) if you have any questions about certification. 

“The IPMA-CP designation has enhanced my career and given me more respect and recognition. I am proud to have the IPMA-CP designation next to my signature.”

- Jocelyn Francisco, IPMA-CP, Human Resources Technician, City of Chula Vista

"Certified since 2007, the certification process was a good experience. Since becoming certified, my employer has recognized my achievement through promotions within state government. The IPMA-SCP has also helped with networking and job interviews."

- Marietta Boykin, IPMA-SCP, Human Resources Manager