INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED  The IPMA-CP is easy to maintain, ensuring your HR skills stay up to date and relevant in today's marketplace. Obtaining an IPMA-CP is convenient and inexpensive.

"Attaining the IPMA-CP designation  validated my knowledge and skills in the HR field and my commitment to staying current with developments that may impact our workplace and employees."

- Renee Augustine, IPMA-CP, Human Resource Professional

ARE YOU BEYOND THE ENTRY- OR MID-LEVEL?  Please consider applying for the IPMA-SCP.

"A desire to learn, stay current, and advance in my career motivated me to become IPMA-CP certified. I also wanted to demonstrate my commitment to the Human Resource Management Profession. My boss and colleagues recommended the certification to me. In fact, the departments I work with noticed my certification and my employer celebrated my accomplishment along with me."

- Anita Badrock, IPMA-CP,  Human Resource Development Consultant, Town of Chapel Hill, NC

(PLEASE NOTE As we transition to our new brand, we will be making a number of updates, including to our certifications. For the time being, we will continue to award the IPMA designations/certifications as they are.)

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*The Public Sector HR Essentials Course is mandatory for IPMA-CP certification.

If you possess the skills and knowledge required for successful performance in public sector human resources, then attaining the IPMA-HR Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) credential is the next logical step in your career plan. Attaining the IPMA-CP gives you the edge that will help you to stand out among your peers while demonstrating your personal commitment to the profession.  

Designed specifically for entry- or mid-level career public sector HR professionals, the IPMA-CP is an internationally recognized designation that demonstrates superior knowledge in all facets of HR.

Young female public sector HR professional 

Holding the IPMA-CP credential opens the door to an array of career benefits that can’t be obtained with other advancement techniques and shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to make yourself the best you can be at your job. Certification is concrete, indisputable proof to employers and colleagues that you are a capable and qualified public sector HR professional.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

The Certification Process

Please contact us ( if you have any questions about certification.