Ways to Earn Recertification Pointsrecert ideas page3

Are you currently employed? Earn 1 point per year (per recertification period) for continuous employment in a direct human resource capacity.

Are you a national or chapter member? Earn 2 points per year as a national member and/or 1 point per year as a chapter member.

Planning to Attend a multi-day conference?  Earn 3 Recertification Points for training days spanning 6 hours or more/1 Recertification Point for training days spanning less than 6 hours. 

Attending a human resource professional development program through IPMA-HR or any other human resource-related organization? Earn 3 points per day (one day equals 6 hours) or 1 point per partial day.

Attending a webinar through IPMA-HR or any other HR-related organization? Webinars (live/recorded) are worth 1 point.

Are you taking courses at a college or university worth at least 3 credit hours?  Earn 5 points per course.

Are you an HR management instructor?  Earn 5 points per full-day (6 hours or more) or multi-day course instruction.

Have you written HR-related articles?  Earn 5 points per management article in a professional journal or 2 points per management article in a professional newsletter.

Have you served in a leadership role?  Board member – earn 3 points per year, Committee chair – earn 2 points per year, and/or Committee member – earn 1 point per year.

Have you implemented an innovative human resource management program? Earn 5 points by submitting a one-page description of your program with your recertification criteria.

Have you submitted a policy, program, RFP and/or successful practice?  Earn 1 point per submission to the IPMA-HR website.

Please contact us (certification@ipma-hr.org) if you have any questions about certification.