About Certification Layered

Online Recertification Portal Instructions

Purpose:  The Recertification Portal allows you to enter points, edit points, save points, return to enter/save additional points, submit and pay for your Recertification all online.

Explanation of Recertification:

  • IPMA-HR has identified several areas of continuing education and leadership activity through which certification may be maintained.
  • Given the rapidly changing environment of public human resource management, continual professional development activities are essential.
  • To retain the Senior Certified Professional (IPMA-SCP), Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) and the Certified Specialist (IPMA-CS) designations, an individual must accumulate 50 points every three years and submit a completed Recertification Report for each designation.
  • You may begin earning points toward recertification immediately upon receiving your initial IPMA-SCP/IPMA-CP/IPMA-CS designation.
  • Browsers:  Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer is not compatible).
  • If you want to learn more or have questions, please contact certification@ipma-hr.org.
  • Not Currently certified? Please visit our Get Certified page and try out our Certification Wizard.

Please Note:  You must be currently certified to view the Portal.  Individuals without a current certification please visit Get Certified for more information.

Has your Certification Lapsed?  Individuals with lapsed certifications will not be able to recertify through the portal.  You will have to submit a Recertification Report along with your payment.  Once your report has been approved and your certification has been reinstated, you will gain access to the online portal.  

Due to COVID-19: Please submit your Recertification Report via e-mail along with making your payment online. Click here to complete your online payment. You’ll be asked to login to you profile to view your invoice. If you are paying early, or if you do not see an open invoice for your recertification, please contact us for support.  Please note that credit card payments will only be accepted via our online system.  We will no longer accept credit card authorizations via fax.

Instructions at a glance:

Step 1: Access the IPMA-HR Profile

1.  Press the “Login” button at the top of the IPMA-HR website
2.  Login using your IPMA-HR Username and Password
     a.  If you forgot your password
     b.  Click on Forgot Password
3.  Reset your password on the same screen. You will then return to the homepage
4.  Press the “Welcome Your Name” button at the top of the website
5.  Click “My Profile”

Step 2: Select What You Want to Do Next.

1.  Update Your Contact Information - Simply review your information under “Profile” and make any updates.
2. Review Your Certification Status - Double check your recertification year and make sure you have recorded all your points.
To verify your status, click “My Registrations” to see:
a. Your certification designation
b. Certified Since (Original Date)
c. Expires on (Date)
d. Status (New/Renew/Terminated)
e. Committee memberships
To review your activity, click “My Invoices” and see:  
a. Professional Development Programs you have purchased.
b. Make sure the “Both Invoice Types” check box is not checked.

3. View or Edit Your Current Accumulated Points and Current Recertification Entries - to delete click on the red trash can icon and to edit click on the green pencil icon.
4. Enter and Submit Recertification Points - Once you have achieved 50 POINTS submit your recertification entries for review.
5. Upload Documents - Including HR Innovations, Policies, Programs, RFPs, and Successful Practices.
6. Pay for Your Recertification - Once you have submitted your points, you will be directed to the “Transactions” page for payment. Invoices are produced during your Recertification Year and made available mid-February.

Trouble shooting - My entries are not saving correctly! -- Here is what to do.

  1. Please check your browser - Google Chrome is the most compatible browser for the Recertification Portal -- Using other browsers may cause the Portal to work slower.
  2. Still having problems, please refresh your browser.
  3. Next, please see the left hand menu and click on "Recertification Detailed Summary" and then return to the "Recertification Portal."   If you are still having problems, please contact us at certification@ipma-hr.org.


Once your Portal has reached 50 points (only exception: if you go over 50 points during your last entering session), the Portal will not allow you to entering anymore points.  You will be directed to sign the Recertification Agreement on the screen and take care of your Recertification fee.  Once your recertification has been approved, you will be able to begin entering points for your next Recertification period.