Chief Deputy Director of Human Resources

County Of Los Angeles


Los Angeles,


$183,515 – $277,764
per year


The Chief Deputy position is unclassified and serves at the pleasure of and in partnership with the Director of Personnel. The position is distinguished by its unique executive, management, and administrative role in assisting the Director to successfully innovate and administer the County’s human resources program, and to ensure the consistent and equitable application of HR policies and practices to all employees.


•          Serves as chief operating officer for the Department of Human Resources and provides leadership, oversight, and accountability for the fiscal, budget, information technology, personnel and other administrative functions of the Department.

•          Directs the development and implementation of changes in organization, staffing, work processing, and management information systems to increase Department effectiveness and efficiency, and reduce administrative costs.

•          Manages the formulation and implementation of the Department’s vision, mission and strategic plan; provides leadership to management staff; and works in a team environment to meet short and long-term departmental goals.

•          Formulates Department administrative policy, directs execution, and evaluates work accomplished.

•          Partners with departmental human resources managers to provide a strategic and integrated approach to human resources management across the County, while maintaining a centralized- decentralized balance.

•          Enforces federal, State and local laws pertaining to the administration of human resources policies and procedures, including Title VII matters.

•          Serves as the Director’s chief liaison with other County departments, governmental agencies and the public concerning the operations of human resources programs.


As a key member of DHR’s executive team, the ideal candidate is a transformative leader with a collaborative work style who promotes a culture of innovation, professionalism, accountability and integrity. The individual selected will have a strong managerial background and the ability to thrive in a highly visible role within a complex governmental structure. The ideal candidate is a change agent and a big picture thinker, with a can- do attitude. Those interested in the position should be mission-driven, with a genuine interest in transforming local government through innovation, organizational efficiency, and sustainability.

This individual will also play a vital role in ensuring that the Board of Supervisor’s priorities and initiatives

are effectively and timely carried out. Therefore, he or she must have outstanding organizational and project management skills to ensure accuracy and timeliness in reporting on a Department-wide level. Additionally, the ideal candidate must have strong negotiation skills and the ability to successfully advocate for programs, funding, strategies and initiatives, which advance the Department’s agenda, and support legally sound and ethical human resources practices.

For successful job performance, the ideal candidate must also be politically sensitive and astute, with the ability to build trust and credibility with a wide variety of stakeholders including elected officials, executives, community organizations and constituents.

Job Requirements


•     Demonstrated leadership skills and the proven ability to manage large and complex organizational teams and projects.

•     Significant experience in strategic planning, policy development and project management.

•     Experience with complex technology projects and a strong understanding of IT enterprise management concepts supporting a broad range of emerging business strategies and technology requirements.

•     Extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation and evaluation of performance-based metrics, and customer and program-based continuous improvement initiatives.

•     Expert knowledge of federal, State and local labor and employment laws and regulations.

•     Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to create and/or edit large numbers of complex business reports in an expedited fashion.

•     Demonstrated performance and success implementing efficiencies and innovative projects in human

resources in large organizations.

•     A comprehensive knowledge of management and organizational principles, control systems, utilization of resources, and a strong track record of success in large-scale fiscal and budgetary management.

•     A track record of results demonstrating initiative and successful engagement with public officials, executives, managers, professional staff, and the general public.

•     Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Juris Doctorate or Master’s Degree in Business

Administration, Human Resources, Public Administration, Industrial Organization or a closely related field.

How to Apply

The County of Los Angeles is a Fair Chance Employer


Each candidate’s background will be evaluated on the basis of information submitted at the time of application to determine the level and scope of the candidate’s preparation for this position. The resume should include any additional information, which the candidate wishes to be considered. Only the most qualified candidates, as determined by the screening process, will be invited to participate in the selection process.


Highly qualified candidates are invited to submit a compelling letter of interest, along with a comprehensive resume detailing their demonstrated experience and career accomplishments relevant to this position. Submission should include the following:

• Candidate’s ability to meet the requirements as stated in the Education and

The County of Los Angeles

is accepting applications for Chief Deputy Director, Human Resources (Unclassified)

Experience and Desirable Qualifications sections of this recruitment announcement.

• For organizations and programs managed, the name of each employer, job title, size of organization’s budget, number and composition of personnel supervised, scope of management responsibilities, functions managed, and dates of employment.


This unclassified position will be open from February 27, 2019 until filled. First consideration will be given to submissions received on or before March 13, 2019

Please go to: and submit your application, letter of interest, and resume.