Human Resources Manager - Public Safety

City of Coral Springs


Coral Springs, FL 33065


$74,520 – $118,800
per year


Under the limited supervision of the Assistant City Manager of People, Culture and Wellness, this position supports the Fire Chief, Police Chief and their leadership teams on a daily basis. Leads a dynamic team of Human Resources professionals responsible for the delivery of public safety payroll, off-shift employment, administration of collective bargaining agreements, recruitment and employee life cycle management.  Consults with leadership to address workforce challenges, identifies and implements innovative solutions to support higher levels of employee engagement and overall satisfaction. 

Examples of Duties


  • Serves as the internal consultant and Human Resource Partner to Public Safety leadership on matters relative to organizational development, staffing, policy creation/compliance, employee relations, employee performance and emerging workforce needs.  
  • Manages the life cycle of an inclusive, legally defensible public safety recruitment/hiring program. Serves as lead Recruiter for all Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter-Paramedic and Management level public safety interviews. Ensures all aspects of the process are efficient, fair and legal defensibility.
  • Ensures all aspects of the FOP I, FOP II and IAFF collective bargaining agreements are consistently administered according to the letter (intent) of the document. Contributes to the collective bargaining management team by providing recommendations to improve procedures and assisting the Chief Negotiator with research requests.
  • Consults with the Assistant City Manager of People, Culture and Wellness and Deputy City Attorney for Public Safety to defend the City's position in EEOC complaints, lawsuits, union grievances and higher level disciplinary matters.
  • Oversees HR unit staff responsible for the retention and release of all public safety personnel records, ensuring the security of confidential materials and protection of documents excluded from public record.   
  • Manages the police promotional and assignment transfer process, leading the selection and/or development of promotional testing materials. Serves as the lead proctor for all aspects of the testing and grading process. Serves as a resource to the fire department promotional process.
  • Facilitates all facets of employee corrective action (performance improvement processes) including counseling, performance management, discipline, and separation from organization when necessary. Reviews all corrective and disciplinary action prior to being issued management. Consults with the Deputy City Attorney and Assistant City Manager of People, Culture and Wellness on complex disciplinary matters when appropriate.
  • Participates in the development of annual long-range strategic plans, goals, and budget for the Public Safety HR Unit.  Contributes to the annual workforce planning process facilitated by the central Human Resource department. 
  • Consults with and advises public safety leadership on all human resources related topics, including but not limited to performance management and administration of discipline, escalating complex matters as appropriate through the respective Public Safety Chiefs and Assistant City Manager of People, Culture and Wellness.  
  • Provides confidential, unbiased support to employees seeking career guidance and advice related to personal and/or workplace concerns.
  • Serves as a conduit for employees seeking mental wellbeing support through the city’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Behavioral Health Access Program (BHAP).  Facilitates the management referral process for mandatory EAP referrals for all Public Safety departments. 
  • Contributes to city-wide policy decisions, delivery of annual HR processes, organization surveys, employee communication strategies and the expansion of HR benefits and programs managed by the central Human Resources department. 
  • Supports the integrity of the compensation and classification salary schedule by recommending select positions periodically be reviewed by the central Human Resources department.  Assists in gathering information required by HR to evaluate the position and it’s placement within the pay structure. Contributes to the process by assisting supervisory staff in completing the necessary job analysis forms, conducting focus groups and provides help in documenting essential functions. 
  • Generates copious documentation and cyclical reporting relative to the public safety accreditation process. Facilitates the production of all Human Resources documentation relative to the public safety accreditation process. Serves as subject matter expert during state and national accreditation on-site evaluations. 
  • Navigates, interprets, applies, and contributes to creation/revision of city administrative policy, public safety general orders, standard operating procedures, and administrative articles within collective bargaining contracts.
  • Conducts research to develop new and innovative techniques and methods; analyzes and evaluates existing programs, procedures, and systems recommending changes as needed.  
  • Plans, coordinates, and manages the development and implementation of training programs, recognition events and other special projects as directed. 
  • Oversees HR Unit staff who coordinate the Police Department Recognition Program, Assignment Transfer Board and Motor Vehicle Crash Review Board.


Job Requirements

Typical Qualifications

Requires 7 to 10 years of progressively responsible Senior Level Human Resources Professional experience, including 3 to 5 years of Management experience.
Human Resources experience within a Public Safety, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement or Fire Department preferred but not required.

Ability to pass a Law Enforcement Level Background inclusive of national FBI criminal fingerprint search, CVSA Lie Detector Test and comprehensive background investigation inclusive of credit and driving history. 


How to Apply

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