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IPMA-HR is currently accepting proposals for the 2019 International Training Conference & Expo

We invite you to submit a proposal to share your experience and expertise with your colleagues in Public Sector Human Resources.

The IPMA-HR International Training Conference and Expo will be held from September 22–25 at the Hyatt Regency Miami in Miami, FL.  Speaking opportunities will be on Sunday, September 22Monday, September 23 and Tuesday, September 24.

Concurrent Educational Sessions-1 hour

Quick Hit Sessions (TedTalk Format) - 45-minute Quick Hit Presentation in the “Ted Talk” format  (10 to-15-minute presentation of well-formed ideas followed by Q&A).


For consideration, presentations must be:

  • New – original presentation for the IPMA-HR International Training Conference
  • Unique – special, fresh, new, or not available through other media/client in-office presentations;
  • Compelling – evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way; and
  • Applicable – must demonstrate a pragmatic balance between theory and practice, must be applicable in today’s workplace.

***Presentations at the IPMA-HR International Training Conference are not to promote the products or services of any particular organization (authors excluded).  Practitioners need only apply.

Topics of Interest

Click on any topic to expand out some ideas in that category.

Recruitment & Engagement
  • Employee Engagement – Recruitment and Retention (Perks at Work)
  • Competition – Recruitment – Public / Private sectors
  • Occupations with workforce shortages and creative ways to recruit
  • Recruiting and retaining law enforcement
  • Recruitment, selection & onboarding enhancements
  • Retention, engagement, metrics
  • Value of personnel assessments in both hiring and development
  • Attracting and keeping top talent to public service
Compensation & Benefits
  • Experience with HSA’s
  • Workforce flexibility – managing in a tele-work environment – union impact
  • Evaluating total compensation
  • How do you account for differences in benefit plans offered?
  • Innovative compensation strategies in today’s competitive labor market
  • Benefits strategies for next year
  • Compensation and classification
  • Equal pay strategies
  • Pay equity in the workplace
  • Pension/retiree health plans
  • Compensation plans, rewards/recognition, pay equity
Labor Law Compliance
  • Competing with union environments
  • Parental Leaves in the public sector
  • EEOC topics-case studies
  • Legal topics
  • Maneuvering between FMLA, ADA and Workers Comp
  • Federal topics
Health & Wellness
  • Wellness / work-life Balance / wellness as a strategic initiative for your organization
  • Opioid crisis management / behavioral health / substance abuse / partnering with your EAP (possible panel discussion?)
  • Pension/retiree health plans
  • Experience with HSA’s. We hear they are losing their luster and do not really accomplish much
  • Do entities help their employees be better health care “consumers” with the lack of price transparency?
  • Mental health in the workplace-creative ways to notice the signs, address the problem and conduct an investigation.
  • Training in mental health
  • Wellness; onsite health centers
  • HSAs
  • Employee health clinics
  • The new face of ADA and how to handle mental issues
  • Parental Leaves in the public sector
Inclusion & Diversity
  • Inclusion initiatives
  • How the “Me Too Movement” is impacting HR?
  • Internal equity
  • Disinterested younger generations
  • Aging workforce and impacts
  • Pay equity in the workplace
  • Generation differences and gender issues in the public sector
  • Employment and disabilities
HR Analytics & Technology
  • Cyber-security
  • Innovation in local government
  • HRIS importance
  • New trends in public HR management
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in HR
  • How to with HR analytics, the future and HR
Talent Development
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership
  • Talent development pipeline challenges
  • Leadership and management development
  • Managers training options
Organizational Culture
  • Social media and public sector HR
  • Building new culture
  • Setting expectations
  • Organizational transformation
  • Organizational/environment assessments
  • Lack of trust
  • Infants at work
  • How HR can affect/influence culture of an organization
  • Conflict resolution
  • New or hard to handle issues
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Ethics
  • Generation differences and gender issues in the public sector
Business Strategy
  • HR as a strategic business partner
  • The mindset on intent/action/impact (curiosity around the intent) – a better way to be a business partner
  • HR accountability and oversight
  • Strategic issues
  • Federal, state and local experiences compared
  • HR role in government
  • Learning management technologies
  • Federal and public partnerships
  • Strategic planning, equity, communication strategy
  • Change management


IPMA-HR does not pay concurrent session speakers nor do we reimburse for expenses.

IPMA-HR expects presenters to:

  • Meet all deadlines
  • Retain the session content and audio/visual needs as originally submitted
  • Not change the identity or number of presenters without permission from the Program Committee
  • Provide high-quality handouts by the date and in the format requested; handouts should be forwarded in electronic format for inclusion on the International Training Conference app and website
  • Honor the IPMA-HR commitment to provide education by not showcasing or promoting the speaker’s practice, business, services, or products
  • Respect IPMA-HR as the sponsoring organization with either positive or neutral comments from the platform
  • If they are public sector employees, check with the Ethics Officer of their organization about any conflicts
  • Bring their own device, print handouts, and have presentations on a thumb drive or loaded on the computer.

In Return, IPMA-HR will:

  • Provide each speaker with one complimentary registration to the Training Conference for the day of presentation and the Training Conference food and beverage offered that day.
  • Feature your presentation, your photo, and bio/contact information in the Training Conference program materials and website.
  • Assign a member of the Program Committee to personally assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Provide you with valuable professional exposure to public sector HR professionals from throughout the United States and internationally.

Interested in exhibiting or sponsoring?

Download the Exhibitor Prospectus.

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Please contact Betty Sayler Youles

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