Concurrent Session Descriptions

Following are full descriptions for each block and sessions within each block for the IPMA-HR Annual Conference 2022. Each block is presented in chronological order to enable participants to select which concurrent session within that block they wish to attend. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Session Block 1 | 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Dudes, Do Better: Dismantling Toxic Masculinity At Work

Jeff Harry, Rediscover Your Play, Oakland, CA

Are you rewarding toxic masculine behavior in your workplace?  A lack of empathy, compassion, and shared humanity led to the Great Resignation. We find ourselves at a crossroads, having to choose between the "old boys club" of management or embracing a new type of leader. This is a call to action for any company claiming that they care about their staff.  Is your company ready to follow through on the values written in your mission statement?

Employee Well-being: Meeting Workforce Expectations for a Post-pandemic "New Normal"

Jonathan Pugh, SBO Consulting, Pinellas Park, FL

Well-being among Americans is in crisis, with a 15% drop from pre-COVID levels that matches a low not seen since the great recession of 2009. The "great resignation" is symptomatic of an historic disruption of the attitudes and expectations that workers have toward work and employers. Public sector organizations are not immune from this sea change and its attendant challenges. Based on the "whole person" concept and the five essential elements of well-being developed by Gallup, this interactive session for public sector HR professionals will review two leading well-being assessments and explore practical strategies for improving employee well-being.

Strategies for Managing the Workforce and Workplace of the Future

Josh Franzel, MissionSquare Research Institute, Washington, DC
Priscilla Wilson, ICMA, Washington, DC
Karen Marshall, City of Rockville, Rockville, MD

State and local government leaders have learned a lot about the challenges and opportunities related to managing their workforces throughout the pandemic. This session will explore recent research and innovative practitioner approaches pertaining to how governments can re-envision how and where work is completed, where best to engage with skilled professionals when recruiting, and optimizing compensation packages to meet the needs of the current and future public workforce. Time will be allocated to have a conversation with the audience on approaches they have found to be effective in developing their staff within this new, highly competitive labor marketplace.

Opioid Use Disorder and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Alyse Bass, USDOJ, Washington, DC

The Department of Justice recently issued guidance regarding opioid use disorder and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The guidance is intended to illustrate ways in which opioid use disorder can qualify as a disability, and what protections people with opioid use disorder are entitled to under the ADA. The Department has been enforcing the ADA to protect people with opioid use disorder who are in treatment or recovery and has entered into several recent settlements. This presentation would describe the guidance, with a particular focus on discrimination in employment against people with opioid use disorder, and the Department's enforcement matters in this area.

Mentoring: As Easy As Pie

Bernadette Costello, BCC Consulting, LLC, Woodbridge, VA

Thinking about starting or retooling a Mentoring Program and not sure where to start, what to do, and how to make it successful and sustainable? Attend this session to learn the critical ingredients for planning, implementing, and evaluating mentoring programs. Leave with a clear path and to do list to get started or retool.

Session Block 2 | 1:30 PM to 2:20 PM

Establish a Financial Wellness Assessment & Training Program for your Employees

Kari Arfstrom, National Association of State Treasurers, Washington, DC

As HR professionals, you may be called up on to provide financial wellness assistance for your employees. Where do you start? Your plate is full, but the National Association of State Treasurers may be able to help. Adding this timely benefit is easy with free access to an online assessment and training program. After a national RFP, NAST selected Enrich to be their preferred provider where users get a personalized playlist of courses, videos, articles and other tools to assist with their most pressing financial needs.  During this session you will hear from those who have already implemented this benefit.

Data and Division: Negotiating Towards Equity with a Wary Workforce

Dori Leland, State of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Employees within the State of Minnesota workforce were at the literal front lines to the racial reckoning that began during the summer of 2020. Negotiating contracts with a highly-unionized and galvanized workforce in the shadow of George Floyd's murder (and the reckoning that followed) required difficult conversations and concessions from all sides. This presentation will give practical solutions on how to negotiate contract provisions that recognize and address disparities. Areas to explore include: Effective use of data. Challenging seniority provisions. Recruiting and Retention Incentives. Market adjustments. Intangible benefits.

Expecting Top Performance

Jerry Clipp, City of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, NC

Setting clear expectations is the number one job of effective leaders. Unfortunately, many leaders think they set clear expectations, but often do not. The first part of this course teaches leaders how to make sure their expectations are clear and understood. Once the leader has set clear expectations, it is then up to the employee to decide whether they meet, exceed or ignore those expectations. The second part of this course teaches leaders how to manage top performers, solid performers and low performers with specific strategies for each level of performance.

Attracting and Retaining Talent in the New World of Work

Bob Lavigna, UKG, Madison, WI

The world of work has changed forever, including in government. Employees across the nation are reconsidering their job and career choices. Job quits are at an all-time high and 52 percent of public-sector employees are considering changing jobs.

To attract and retain talent in this intensively competitive environment, government must build a high-engagement workforce by delivering a positive employee experience. This session will help attendees meet this challenge by examining:

  • The characteristics of our new world of work
  • Why improving employee engagement is the key to organizational performance
  • What it means to create a positive employee experience

Looking Beyond the "Great Resignation" and Planning for a Great Future

Erik Smetana, Gallagher, Nolensville, TN

Record workers voluntarily left their jobs in 2021, pressing employers to work harder than ever to attract and retain talent. This was a continuing trend into 2022 which creating a need to understand what motivates employees to stay or leave, and what drives culture and employee experience, allowing organizations to devise engagement and retention strategies. Drawing on research insights, we will explore the underlying factors driving resignations, and how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth. Presenters will outline a strategic HR approach leveraging technologies and strategies designed to counter trends and set up organizations for better overall wellbeing.

Session Block 3 | 2:30 PM to 3:20 PM

Building a Better Benefit: Unique Programs That Can Save You Money

Terri Evans, Employer Advisory Services, Kingsport, TN

When it comes to designing the perfect benefits for your employees, there are many programs that can help save healthcare dollars. One rising trend that employers may want to consider is the incorporation of an employee health and wellness center. Another way to control costs while offering quality benefits that are easy for employees to understand is offering innovative pharmacy programs. Join Terri Evans of Employer Advisory Services as she discusses how to utilize these unique services in order to make your plan design the best it can be.

Breakthrough Barriers and Achieve Higher Productivity Through the Neuroscience of Success

Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson, Your Best Mind, LLC, Grass Valley, CA

Can science help you discover within yourself a greater power to succeed? Is individual success within an organization beneficial for the overall success of your company itself? Are there tools and techniques that can be implemented within your company to facilitate greater employee success? Absolutely! Julie Brain Lady Speaker presents the science behind the psychology of who we are naturally. She will deliver actionable steps to assist your company and its employees to tap into the individual greatness of everyone, resulting in a dynamic environment that fosters creativity and success for all involved.

Bias Coaching: Guiding Leaders beyond Unconscious Bias

Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu, City of Allentown, Allentown, PA

Impact matters more than intent when it comes to unconscious bias. Training is great for raising awareness, but what happens when a leader demonstrates a microaggression or operates with unconscious bias? This workshop provides a proven approach to guide leaders in a one-to-one coaching situation to overcome bias related mistakes and accidental microaggressions. Participants will learn to help leaders become more aware of the impact of their words and actions, utilize tools for engaging in the event that they make a blunder and coach leaders on how to apologize appropriately and techniques for rebuilding trust.

Virtually Emerging in Fairfax

Robin Baker, Fairfax County Government, Fairfax, VA
Fritz Wiant, Fairfax County Government, Fairfax, VA
Molly Green, Fairfax County Government, Fairfax, VA
Lynne Sawyer, Fairfax County Government, Fairfax, VA

In the midst of a global pandemic, and facing the oncoming retirement of many longtime leaders, Fairfax County was looking for a way to help early career employees prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities ahead. What emerged was a cohort program designed to be delivered using virtual collaboration tools yet deeply rooted in fundamental leadership capabilities and people development best practices. Additionally, presenting this program virtually provided new levels of access and equity to valued employees throughout the county who may not have been able to take full advantage of our more traditional learning experiences.

Culturally Competent Wellness Program for Public Safety Organizations

Christian Macklin, South Metro Fire Rescue, Centennial, CO

South Metro Fire Rescue leveraged a near miss event in 2012 to initiate a comprehensive Wellness Program in 2014. A collaboration of labor and management. Today our onsite Wellness program manages EAP, Peer Support, Occupational Physicals, Rehabilitation Services, Substance Dependency Program, Return to Work assessments, Workers' Compensation, Fitness and Nutritional services, Cognitive Performance and a robust Modified Duty Program. This presentation will describe how we built our onsite program, program services, describe the value of imbedded employees and how we created trust within our employee population while maintaining high standards.

Session Block 4 | 4:00 PM to 4:50 PM

Mastering the Art of DEI Transformation

Regina W. Romeo, CPS HR CONSULTING, Sacramento, CA

DEI has received a renewed interest since 2020. Many organizations have incorporated DEI goals and initiatives into their strategic plans and performance metrics to bring diversity to the forefront. As public agencies are having more conversations, how do we go beyond metrics to do the real work of transformation without relying solely on demographics? In this session, our presenters will go beyond foundational or abstract conversations around DEI and explore how organizations can operationalize DEI objectives to achieve transformation. We will also discuss common misconceptions and challenges to changing culture to create a true sense of belonging within an organization.

Change is Hard, Lessons from a Public Sector HR Department Start-Up

Ben FitzSimons, Office of Legislative Workplace Relations, Denver, CO

A retrospective on experience creating a public sector human resources department from scratch in an environment that had no previous human-resources function, and takeaways from that experience that human resources practitioners can use moving forward to go beyond the limits of the status quo.

Interviewing & Investigating The "A" Case

Charlene McAdory, Strategic Business Solutions, Houston, TX

The foundation for Interviewing and Investigating of employment cases is an important skill which comprises the application of Comprehension, Evaluation and Application. The presentation will focus on the Theory, How to Develop an Investigation Plan, Gathering Information, Witness Statements, Ethics and Professional Responsibility in addition to The Report of Investigation. The speaker will interact and engage with the participants through discussion of real work life experiences following a hands-on application and technical approach to completing an "A" investigation case.

Second Chance Hiring – You Need the Employees...They Need the Work

Anthony Roberts, City of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL

It is proven that second chance employees are engaged, loyal and committed. According to Second Chance Business Coalition, more than 78 million Americans have a criminal record. An organization is going to have the ability to not only effect their community but also effect potential applicants that recognize the human effort behind this policy. The organization will be more marketable and attract a pool of applicants that are loyal and grateful to be given an opportunity to prove themselves and progress. This is a talented labor force which is willing and able to meet the workforce needs of the organization.

Elevate: Reimagine and Integrate Your Talent Strategy!

Dr. Trish Holliday, Holliday Kenning Inc, Gallatin,TN
Lucinda Kenning, Holliday Kenning Inc, Oklahoma City, OK

Now is the time to reimagine how to attract the best talent and keep them! This interactive session will offer participants the opportunity to rethink their strategies in recruiting and retaining talent knowing that this effort is critical to organizational sustainability and growth by exploring the top blunders leaders make in building and maintaining a talent strategy; and analyzing a present-day case study, with executive panel members from the agency sharing their personal perspectives of the power an integrated talent strategy has on an organization.

"You Should've Put a Ring On It": An Organization's Lessons On The Impact Of Dis-Engagement

Andrea Lewis, Human Capital Services, LLC, Chelsea, AL

This session will cover the impact of engagement and inclusive organizational culture, how leaders are central to promoting diversity of thought, lessons learned from organizations and leadership that didn't get it and how it impacted business and people outcomes.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Session Block 5 | 10:10 AM to 11:00 AM

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Ashley Harrington, Office of Federal Student Aid, US Department of Education, Washington, DC

Millions of non-profit and government employees have federal student loans and may now be eligible for loan forgiveness or additional credit through the limited PSLF waiver. the waiver ends October 31, 2022. Our biggest worry is that we will not reach every eligible borrower in time for them to take advantage of the waiver. This presentation is a detailed overview of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and the limited PSLF waiver opportunity.

ABLE Accounts: A New Tool to Support People with Disabilities – Your Employees & Your Community

Eric Ochmanek, ABLE today at the National Association of State Treasurers, Washington, DC

1 in 6 Americans live with a disability yet these individuals are not well represented in the workforce or the financial system. DEI is no longer an option; it's a priority. ABLE accounts, created by Congress in 2014, allow people with disabilities to save and earn money into tax-free savings accounts without jeopardizing public benefits. ABLE Accounts can lead the HR dialogue for employers to offer information on inclusion workplace benefits. Offering ABLE accounts for people with disabilities – your employees and your community – can be a catalyst for improving your DEI strategy to include people with disabilities.

Humanizing Human Resources: An Approach to Operationalizing Equity

Abigail Gadea, City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, MN
Toni Newborn, City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, MN

We believe Human Resources is the heart of the organization and has an essential role in improving workplace culture by modeling inclusion, equity, diversity and belonging. The Department of Human Resources at the City of Saint Paul is leading a multi-level approach to operationalizing equity. We will share our efforts to humanize the workplace to center equity in every aspect of our daily lives and to institutionalize change through structural transformations. We intend to disrupt the dominant compliance mindset and move toward a culture of trust and relational accountability.

Creativity for Left-Brain Thinkers

Kyle Eastham, 99xCreativity, Stillwater, OK

Interactive workshop on creativity tools to help you generate more and better ideas - beyond what you thought you could do – for just about any workplace problem or challenge. Learn the Takeover Time tool, the SCAMPER technique, and why half of eight is much more than 4!

Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Dale Pazdra, City of Coral Springs, Coral Springs, FL

Mental wellbeing continues to be a topic that is a high priority for employees but often becomes a challenge for employers and co-workers to adequately address in the workplace. If you want to grow the culture of caring within your organization and be the force for change, this session will provide new strategies and a sustainable framework to enhance your overall behavioral health program.

Session Block 6 | 11:10 AM to 12:00 PM

A Kick-Ass Half Is Better Than a Half-Ass Whole!

Alonzo Kelly, Kelly Leadership Group, Suamico, WI

There is no denying that HR Professionals have no shortage of responsibilities within our workplace that pull us in multiple directions at once. Add to this the increased pressure to maintain staffing levels, compliance, professional development and psychologically safe spaces. There is no wonder that burnout for HR professionals rivals that of teachers, healthcare professionals and public safety. This full participatory presentation will introduce critical thinking and tools we can use to prioritize our work, complete tasks and meet multiple expectations, all without losing our sanity!

ADA Title I: When the ADA, FMLA, and Workers' Compensation Intersect

Monica Kennedy, Clowder Consultants, Colonial Beach, VA

This presentation will cover the basics of the interactive process once an employee expresses the need for a workplace accommodation. This will guide the audience to understand what types of requests trigger the process and what to expect throughout the interactions between employer, employee and medical professionals. The presentation will briefly discuss considerations as the ADA overlaps with other legal rights such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Workers' Compensation.

Groundbreaking Alternative Pipelines into Civil Service Careers

Vincent Cordero, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Dana Brown, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

An overview on the creation, implementation and execution of hiring programs that provide individuals from under-served and under-employed communities alternative pathways into civil service careers with the City of Los Angeles. This presentation will mainly cover the LA Local Hire Program, which encompasses the Targeted Local Hire Program (TLH) and Bridge to Jobs Program (Bridge) and will also provide information on other projects in the works, such as the Building Operating Engineer Apprenticeship Program (BOE), DWP's Utility Pre-Craft Training Program, and so on. We will also discuss how the alternative pathways compare to the traditional Civil Service process.

You Can't Make This Up – REALLY!

Mary Rowe, Workplace Results, Milwaukie, OK
Andrea Cutler, WRIPMA-HR, Las Vegas, NV
Sonja Stanchina, IPMA-SCP, MBA, CDE, Contra Costa Water District, Danville, CA

The goal of this session is to analyze employee relations issues to determine the real HR concern and to share HR experiences and wisdom.

Grow and Develop Your Government Workforce with Talent Acquisition and Retention for the New Normal

Troy Wintersteen, Oracle HCM Cloud
Trish Holliday, Holliday Kenning, Inc., Gallatin, TN

We’re living through the Great Resignation, or is it just a reshuffling? Regardless, much of our established knowledge is leaving the organization, and our traditional public sector recruiting approaches just aren’t bringing in the highly qualified workforce our agencies so desperately need for the future of government services. And once that problem is solved, does your organization even have a plan for keeping Talent happy, satisfied, growing and contributing especially when there has been so little day-to-day interaction?

Join Trish Holliday, founding partner at Holliday Kenning and also representing Nashville Electric Service, and Troy Wintersteen of Oracle to discuss how transformative thinking and modern systems can help you become the HR innovators of the present and future by developing your leaders to be ‘people first’, revamping your recruiting and internal mobility processes, and giving employees a reason to stay. We want to help public agencies achieve excellence in the new normal of thriving, hybrid, productive government operations!

Session Block 7 | 1:40 PM to 2:30 PM

Gender Transition in the Workplace

Kelly Postlewait, Esq, City of Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, MO

This program will go over best practices for supporting an employee who is transitioning in the workplace. Review how to develop and implement a transition plan in the workplace. Provide guidance on how to educate supervisors, coworkers and peers regarding the topic of gender identity. Cover the rapidly changing legal landscape of gender identity protection in the workplace.

Using Data to Tell Your Story

Bob Greene, UKG, St. Augustine, FL

We all know that there is power in data. But what does that really mean for HR? HR leaders in government are getting savvy with workforce data to empower leaders to make better decisions. For example, knowing turnover is high doesn't really tell you anything. Looking at the data to reveal key trends in turnover helps an organization change focus and take action. In this session, attendees will learn a variety of methodologies of taking existing data and bringing it to life.

Leading Teams and Adapting to Change

Teaa Allston-Bing, City of Douglasville, Douglasville, GA

Managing individuals can be challenging in the modern workforce. This course places emphasis on strategies for adapting to change and guiding them towards success.

60-Day Hiring Model

Steve Rose, County of Nevada, Nevada City, CA
Susan Kadera, County of Nevada, Nevada City, CA

We have developed a replicable 60-day hiring model which has reduced our hiring timeline from 145 days to an average of 45.

Session Block 8 | 2:35 PM to 3:25 PM

Resistance is Fertile (Not Futile)

P. Jeff Mulitalo, 6P Leadership, Farmington, UT

We have seen time and time again where leaders make the cardinal mistake: viewing resistance to a new idea as being "change resistant." Actually, when lensed appropriately, resistance can be the quickest path to successful change. When executives fail to do this, it explains why otherwise great and competent people struggle in leadership roles. When leaders embrace this mindset, it can have an immense effect on their ability to produce positive change – particularly in the public sector where all employees have a responsibility to protect the public interest.

Virtual Training Hacks! How to Keep your Zoom Audience Engaged and Motivated

Pete Blank, Personnel Board of Jefferson County (AL), Birmingham, AL

Live Virtual Training is here to stay, and it's your job as the HR professional to use every tool, trick and template to keep your audience engaged. Whether you lead meetings, trainings or strategy sessions, this session will help you become an expert virtual facilitator. Government trainer and international speaker, Pete Blank, will share how his team enhanced their Zoom-based Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) with audience polling software, annotation features, games, icebreakers and more. Don't allow your personal brand to be decimated by a boring Zoom meeting/training. Come learn simple ways to take your ZOOM beyond all limits!

What's Your Dream?: Empowering, Engaging and Retaining our Workforce

Jolene Church, DJC Consulting, Chico, CA

The 'New Normal' has created an even greater talent challenge for public organizations. As evidenced by the Great Resignation, we are in a “meaning crisis.” Employees are searching for a greater sense of fulfillment in their work. Past employee engagement and retention strategies must be redesigned to push beyond all limits for Public HR. How do organizations cultivate and nurture creativity, collaboration, teamwork, and resourcefulness to engage employees and give them greater meaning and a sense of purpose from their work? The answer has been proven in private and public sectors – The Dream Initiative.

It's Not Burnout; It's Betrayal – A New Paradigm for Inspiring Well-Being and Keeping Your Employees

Lora Cheadle, Lora Cheadle, Life Choreography, Littleton, CO

For many, burning out and walking away has become routine. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year 47.8 million workers quit their jobs. But the shocking truth about burnout is that it's not burnout. Oftentimes it's betrayal. Whether betrayal comes from not receiving equal pay for equal work, seemingly sporadic accolades, or the realization that one has spent their life serving a dream that was not their own, unaddressed betrayal robs professionals of their zest, voice and desire to stay. Audiences learn the root cause of burnout and how to set boundaries, develop expectations and retain employees.

Belonging: Building the Inclusive Workplace

Cheryl Orr, Insight HR Partners, LLC, Dallas, TX

Human Resources professionals are primarily responsible for assisting their jurisdictions to create a workplace which is welcoming of and values a diverse workforce. What are the characteristics of the workplace where employees bring their authentic selves to work, feel like they are being listened to and microaggressions are a thing of the past? We describe the inclusive workplace and the principles we need to master to sustain an inclusive workplace. Participants will understand the barriers that we encounter. We want a workplace where employees feel like they 'Belong,' understand what a genuine ally is and how to implement allyship.