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For over 70 years, the public sector has relied on IPMA-HR's Assessment Services for our expertise, quality, and customer service. We work with agencies and departments to ensure they have the critical information they need to make long-term, successful hiring decisions.

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IPMA-HR fulfills assessment orders exclusively for public agencies that have completed our Master Services and Licensing Agreement (MSLA). If you would like to complete the MSLA and its associated agreements, contact us. 

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proctoring3Most IPMA-HR exams are available for both paper-based and computer-based (online) test administration

Additionally, IPMA-HR offers its exams with live remote proctoring to equip agencies with the ability to allow job candidates to test from home.

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The first step to a successful selection process is to choose an assessment that measures the most important competencies needed for successful performance in the target position.

Follow the links below to learn more about IPMA-HR's assessments for police, fire, corrections, and public works positions. 

Police Tests


Fire Service Tests


Corrections Tests


Public Works Tests


 Authorized IPMA-HR test users are also encouraged to browse our Technical Report and Test Response Data Report Libraries for development and performance information specific to each assessment. 

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Due to potential shipping and setup delays, paper-based assessment orders and computer-based assessment orders should be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to your anticipated test date.

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Expedited Shipping available upon request.

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Help other public service agencies across the country improve their selection decisions by submitting the data from your test administration for analysis by IPMA-HR's testing experts.