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The Assessment Services Department is committed to providing our customers with thoroughly validated and professionally developed exams. Our tests were designed according to legal and professional standards and are frequently updated based on new validation evidence.  

We understand the important responsibility of test users to review the test development and validation evidence prior to administering an exam. Therefore, we have thoroughly documented the development and validation processes in each test’s Technical Report. When applicable, the Test Response Data Report details the adverse impact analysis and national score distribution for each exam.

Test Security Agreement signers may use this page to submit a request to receive national test data on one of our tests or series of tests. The technical report and, when applicable, test response data report will then be sent to you free of charge.

Fill out the form below and click submit. Once we’ve received your request and verified that you are a TSA signer, you’ll receive an email reply with the technical report and, when applicable, test response data report you requested.