Current Projects

IPMA-HR's Assessment Services Department is currently developing new exams to evaluate candidates for selection to the following entry-level positions:

  • Police Officer
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Correctional Officer

If your agency is interested in participating in any of the test development projects listed above, please complete the interest form.

Public Sector Participation is Key

Your Expertise is KeyTo be able to develop the most reliable, fair, and valid assessment tools in the industry, we need public sector agencies to participate by contributing qualified subject matter experts (SMEs).

A SME is an individual with the field expertise needed to give useful opinions and feedback during the project. Examples of acceptable SMEs for the maintenance worker test development project include experienced maintenance workers at your organization and/or their direct supervisors. For questions on who qualifies to serve as a SME for a specific project, please contact the assessment services department,

What Does Participation Entail?

There are two stages of the test development process where we need subject matter expert contributions:

  1. Job Analysis. In this stage we ask SMEs to complete a questionnaire that rates three things: how important specific tasks are to the job; how frequently those tasks are performed; and how important the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics listed are to performing the job effectively.
  2. Test Item Review. At this stage we ask SMEs to review the test questions, and for each one, rate its clarity, importance and relevance to the job.

Are There Any Incentives for Public Sector Agency Participation?

Benefits for you

Besides the great feeling of knowing you’re helping other public service agencies across the country make the most reliable, fair, and valid selection decisions, your agency can also enjoy the following additional rewards for participating in an IPMA-HR test development project: 

  • Discounts and rewards. For each stage in which your agency contributes SMEs, your agency will receive a discounts on future test orders. Plus, many of our participants win free catered meals for their shift. 
  • Better equipped. You'll be better equipped to defend your jurisdiction's selection process if you help develop the test you're using.
  • Hire better candidates. High-quality tests help you select high-quality candidates, saving your agency the costly expense of turnover while upholding the reputation of the hardworking men and women in your field.
  • It’s free! A test development and validation project of this scale done internally could cost your agency in excess of $100,000. Participation in our test development projects is free — plus, you'll earn discounts toward future test orders!