We are currently in the process of creating a computer-based selection test for customer service positions throughout government agencies. This would include any position that has frontline interaction with the public (e.g., customer service representative, front desk positions, clerks, 311 center representative).

We anticipate that the computer-based test will be a job simulation that will include audio/video recordings of customer contacts with candidates indicating how they would handle the issues presented, using reference materials that would typically be available to them. The format of the test would be multiple-choice as well as data-entry.

This is where we need your help. We are currently gathering pertinent materials to assist in the test development process. If your agency has any of the following materials and would be willing to give us access to them, it would be extremely helpful.

1) Policy statements on how to provide good customer service in person or when answering calls

2) Any training materials that CSR's receive pertaining to what is expected of them when providing face-to-face customer service, how they should answer calls, good communication skills, etc.

3) A copy of your performance evaluation form for jobs that provide customer service and your mission statement when it comes to providing exceptional customer service

4) It would also be very helpful if we could actually listen to some tapes of customer calls to get very realistic examples of what a customer service rep would say. If you agency tapes your customer service calls, would it be possible for us to have access to them? It would be of enormous assistance in finalizing the test questions.

Please send any policy statements, training materials, or performance evaluations to Yari Randall (yrandall@ipma-hr.org). If you have call recordings available, please contact Yari via telephone (703-549-7100 ext 252) to discuss how we can get access to those tapes. 

We will also need subject matter experts to review the test questions and to conduct a pilot test after the test has been developed. By participating in this development project, your agency will receive a discount off a future test order, and you'll gain stronger evidence to defend your testing practices. Complete the interest form today and we will keep you posted as the test development progresses.