The Assessment Services Department is currently developing new entry-level police officer test forms with a goal release date of fall/winter 2020. This is where we could use YOUR HELP!

We need sworn police officers (and/or their direct supervisors) to complete a 15-minute survey on the police officer job. In the survey, participants will be asked to give ratings on police officer tasks and the competencies needed to perform those tasks.

If you have officers or other police personnel that are able to participate, please submit the interest form below, and you will be contacted by a team member.

Participating agencies will receive $25 off a future test order for each participant contributed up to 10 participants (up to $250 in savings)!

Important Note: Although test challenges are rare, IPMA-HR’s test developers take special care to collect validation evidence to assist test users. One piece of evidence that the courts have historically taken into heavy consideration in cases of litigation is the representation of minority or protected groups in the validation study. As a public sector agency, you also likely have a deep understanding of the importance of diversity and representation in your workforce. This issue is more important now in policing than ever. IPMA-HR requests that agencies especially encourage participation from staff members of minority backgrounds (female, racial/ethnic minority, etc.) if available.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Assessment Services Department.