IPMA-HR's Assessment Services Department is developing two new entry-level police officer examinations in 2019.

To create useful tests for these positions, we need agencies to participate in the test development process. The first two steps in the development of this test are described below. Important Note: Agencies must participate in both phases

Phase 1: Administer Exams to Current Officers

In this phase, current officers are needed to take the exams online. The exams will take approximately 2 hours to complete. We will also be collecting demographic data during the exam, such as race, gender, education level, etc. to conduct fairness analyses.

Phase 2: Collect Performance Appraisal Data on Test Takers

In the second phase, we need the direct supervisors of the test takers to complete a short, two-minute performance review form on each test taker. We will then correlate the performance review scores with the test scores to gauge how well the exams predict performance. 

Please note: All information gathered for this study will remain strictly confidential. The data gathered will be combined with data from other departments and only reported in the form of group statistics.

Participating agencies will receive a discount toward a future IPMA-HR assessment product purchase, as well as a gift basket for the test takers.

If you have further questions feel free to contact our assessment department.