Computer-based Testing

Simplify your testing process.

The same highly regarded tests that enable you to hire and promote with confidenceonline testing3 are available for online administration.

SIMPLE. A computer-based testing manual is included, examinee instructions are built into the test, and tests are self-time.

EFFICIENT. You don’t have to mess with shipping, carting supplies around, shredding tests, or waiting for the results — tests are scored instantly.

COST-SAVING. Not only is the computer-based administration fee lower, but there's no restocking or scoring service fees. You are charged for the number of computer-based exams used.

SECURE. You don’t have to track or lock away test materials. IPMA-HR's computer-based exams have WebLock enabled which ensures that examinees' computers are locked down to prevent cheating.  

Computer-based Testing at Home

IPMA-HR has partnered with MonitorEDU to equip agencies with the ability to allow examines to test at home with live remote proctoring.


      • Concierge and proctors work with examinees to make the test day experience seamless
      • Examinee identity verification
      • High-stakes two cameras, one live proctor
        • Incident reporting within 24 hours
        • Live environment security scans, monitoring, and intervention
          • Open scheduling allows examinees to test anytime
          • Real human experience with no artificial intelligence
          • U.S. based proctors

Ready to place an order? 

Computer-based testing orders should be placed at least seven (7) business days prior to your test date. 

Test orders are fulfilled exclusively for IPMA-HR's authorized test users. To become an authorized test user, contact us