FF-EL 201/301-NC (TIP) Series

About the Assessment

The FF-EL 201/301-NC (TIP) Series was provided by IPMA-HR to help reduce or eliminate significant score differences between gender and racial/ethnic groups. The series accomplishes this through the addition of a non-cognitive (NC) component known as the Firefighter Interest Questionnaire. The FF-EL 201/301-NC (TIP) Series includes a 20-minute session in which candidates must study material from a Test Information Packet (TIP), such as work-related articles, wanted posters, and maps. TIPs are collected after the study period has ended, but before the test booklets are distributed. Some of the multiple-choice items assess how well candidates remember the information they just studied in the TIP.

Assessment Features




100 Items

Time Limit

2 Hours and 20 Minutes
(includes 20 minutes for TIP study period)




Content Areas

Ability to Learn, Remember, and Apply Information

  • "Miniature Training" format

Firefighter Interest Questionnaire

  • Personality
  • Interest in Firefighting Work

Logic and Mathematical Reasoning

  • Reading basic mathematical tables
  • Application of formulas
  • Reading gauges and dials
  • Selection of appropriate equipment

Reading Comprehension

  • Reading passages

Situational Judgment

  • Written Scenarios

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