Updated: September 29, 2021
How can I best prepare my candidates to excel on IPMA-HR’s entry-level firefighter assessments?

While not required to take any of IPMA-HR’s entry-level assessments, study guides with full practice tests and answer explanations are available for candidates to purchase exclusively on Public Safety Compass. Since practice testing is a well-established strategy to improve learning and test-taker performance, agencies are encouraged to inform test takers of where they can purchase the sole legitimate study guide on Public Safety Compass. If feasible, agencies should secure access to the study guide for all candidates directly to ensure that financial burdens do not result in unequal access to study materials.


How can I preview IPMA-HR’s entry-level firefighter assessments?

Authorized IPMA-HR Test Security Agreement (TSA) signers may place orders for the assessments directly on our website. You may also consider previewing the practice assessment included with the study guide on Public Safety Compass.


Is there a recommended cut score for IPMA-HR’s entry-level firefighter assessments?

Since each assessment’s psychometric properties and each agency’s needs may be different, IPMA-HR does not set a universal cut score for its entry-level assessments. For information on the psychometric properties of each assessment, TSA signers can access our Test Response Data Library for free. IPMA-HR also offers a Pass Point Guide for purchase which provides training on how to set a cut score using three of the most popular and widely accepted methods in employment testing.


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