“I’ve been using IPMA-HR’s entry-level police and fire tests for years. Mine is a small department, and IPMA-HR provides an excellent product that is particularly cost-efficient for a small, community-based organization with limited funding.”

Charles Barga, City Manager, City of Nelsonville, Ohio

Rural, suburban, or urban — fire departments in every area of the country are facing major staffing challenges. When you’re forced to make do with less manpower, who you choose becomes that much more critical. We can help.

You can rely on our fire tests to help you find the candidates who have the promise of becoming dedicated firefighters — and to identify and promote the leaders in your department.

Entry-level Stock Tests

Know which candidates will be successful on the job before you hire them. Our entry-level fire tests assess the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics (KSAPs) necessary for success. No prior fire training or experience is assumed of candidates taking any of our entry-level fire tests.

FIREFIGHTER ENTRY-LEVEL (FF-EL) 100 SERIES  The FF-EL 100 series are multiple-choice tests designed to assess whether or not a candidate has the most basic abilities necessary to learn and perform the duties of a firefighter, including rescue operations, responding to alarms, providing first aid, entering fire structures, maintaining equipment, hose operations, attending training and ladder operations.

FIREFIGHTER ENTRY-LEVEL (FF-EL) 201-NC & 301-NC (TIP)  FF-EL 201-NC and FF-EL 301-NC are multiple-choice tests designed to assess whether a candidate has the most basic abilities required to perform successfully in the fire academy and, more importantly, on the job.  Both tests have a cognitive and a noncognitive component. 

FIREFIGHTER ENTRY-LEVEL (FF-EL) 202 & 302 (TIP)  If you prefer not to use a test that includes a noncognitive component, FF-EL 202 and FF-EL 302 will meet your needs. FF-EL 202 and FF-EL 302 are multiple-choice tests designed to assess whether a candidate has the most basic cognitive abilities required to perform successfully on the job.

What is a TIP? And why is it important?

Some entry-level tests include a Test Information Packet, which stands for Test Information Packet. TIPs were designed to assess candidates’ ability to learn, remember, and apply new information. Some of the material is written (e.g., work related articles and facts), and some is visual (e.g., “Wanted Posters", maps). TIPs are an essential, timed part of the tests they accompany. They are distributed and collected (after a study period) prior to handing out the test booklets. The number of test items that are based on information from the TIP varies by test series.

Supplemental Stock Tests

Supplemental tests enhance the success of your recruitment process by providing you with more in-depth information about a candidate’s ability in a specific area, such as their written communication skills.

FIRE REPORT COMPLETION EXERCISE (FF-RCE) 101 & 102 (VID)  You can assess your candidates’ observational, listening, and written communication skills with this video-based simulation exercise. Instructions and a 30-minute timer are embedded in the video to make administration easy.

Promotional Tests

You would be hard-pressed to name a jobsite where strong leadership is more important than on the fireground. Identifying those with the qualifications and desire to become the future of your department is crucial to the success and safety of all firefighters under your command. IPMA-HR’s promotional fire tests provide departments with the information needed to help ensure only the most highly-qualified candidates with the greatest leadership potential are promoted.

FIRE ENGINEER - DRIVER/OPERATOR (FE)  The FE series is designed to assess personnel whose primary duties involve driving and positioning emergency vehicles, maintaining emergency vehicles and related equipment, performing pump operations and more. There are two forms of the test: FE 101-AA contains an additional subtest for departments that have ladder and aerial trucks in their fleet.

Please note: If you've already posted a reading list for the Fire Engineer test, verify the version of the reading list matches the test being ordered. If your reading list is for the FE 100 Series, you can order the appropriate test with the following links: FE 101-AA or FE 102.

FIRE COMPANY OFFICER SERIES | LIEUTENANT/CAPTAIN The Fire Company Officer (FCO) series was designed to assess whether candidates have the competencies to perform successfully at the rank of fire company officer (i.e., lieutenant, captain) in a fire department. FCO 601-EM and FCO 602-EM were designed for those departments that perform emergency medical (EM) services.

*EM = with Emergency Medical Services

Customized Promotional Tests

You need a promotional test for an upper-rank. You look through our stock promotional tests, and find one that would work if only this was different or that were added. Or maybe you’re testing for a rank we don’t have a stock test for at all. When that happens, turn to our Customized Test Service.