For over 70 years, the public sector has relied on IPMA-HR's Assessment Services for our expertise, quality, and customer service. We work with agencies and departments to ensure they have the critical information they need to make long-term, successful hiring decisions before hire. Our multiple-choice police tests assess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics necessary for success.

Police Officer Assessment (POA)
Cognitive Series

The POA, Cognitive Series, is IPMA-HR’s most recently developed entry-level police officer assessment and uses the most modern development approach that relies on a combination of (3) legally and professionally supported sources of validity evidence. Some of the item types that appear on the POA, Cognitive Series, were sourced from the previously developed PO-EL 100 (TIP) and PO-EL 200-NC (TIP) Series.

PO-EL 200-NC (TIP) Series
with Police Interest Questionnaire

The PO-EL 200-NC (TIP) Series is the first entry-level law enforcement assessment developed by IPMA-HR and has a long history of successful use by law enforcement agencies. Extensive research has shown that the addition of the Police Interest Questionnaire has reduced or eliminated significant score differences between gender and racial/ethnic groups.  

PO-EL 300 (VID) Series
with Video Component

The PO-EL 302 (VID) is IPMA-HR’s sole video-based entry-level police officer assessment. Candidates watch and take notes on a shift briefing and training session prior to watching a series of video vignettes of actual police incidents. 

Police Assessments at a Glance

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