PO-EL 300 (VID) Series

About the Assessment

The PO-EL 302 (VID) is IPMA-HR’s sole video-based entry-level police officer assessment. Candidates watch and takes notes on a shift briefing and training session prior to watching a series of video vignettes of actual police incidents. 

Assessment Features

One Version

302 (VID)


100 Items

Time Limit

3 Hours


Paper-based booklets

Content Areas

Ability to Observe and Remember Details (VID)

  • Roll Call Briefing

Learning Ability

  • Training Session (VID)
  • Police-related Policies and Procedures


  • Critical Thinking (e.g., analyzing tables, charts, and commonalities; organizing information)
  • Inductive/deductive Reasoning
  • Basic Mathematics (i.e., addition and subtraction)

Situational Judgment (VID)

  • 40 Video Vignettes

Reading Comprehension

  • Passages

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