WT-EL 100 Series

About the Assessment

The WT-EL 100 Series is IPMA-HR’s most recently developed entry-level wastewater operator-in-training (OIT) assessment and uses the most modern development approach that relies on a combination of (3) legally and professionally supported sources of validity evidence.  

Assessment Features




100 Items

Time Limit

2 Hours and 30 minutes



Content Areas

Ability to Learn and Apply Information

Mathematical and Logical Reasoning

  • Understand and apply basic mathematical data and rules
  • Examples of mathematical concepts assessed include volume, conversions, solution strength and flow rate

Reading Comprehension

  • Reading passages based on wastewater topics
  • CLOZE (Fill-in-the-blank) items

Basic Chemistry

  • High school-level chemistry concepts such as organic and inorganic compounds, acids and bases, metals and nonmetals, states of matter, and aerobic and anaerobic organisms

Mechanical Aptitude

  • Interpreting gauges, dials, and other indicators
  • Understanding mechanical concepts and principles 

Safety Sense

  • Understanding general safety and health hazards inherent in a wastewater treatment plant
  • Applying best safety practices and procedures  

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