IPMA-HR's Response to COVID-19

We are working hard to support our customers, communities, and employees during this difficult time. IPMA-HR will continue taking orders throughout and will be shipping items on Mondays only. We want to make sure our customers can get the items they need, when they need them. To protect our staff, the majority of our workforce is working remotely. We ask that you please plan accordingly when placing your order to ensure it is delivered on time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out: assessment@ipma-hr.org or 1-800-381-TEST (8378). Thank you!

Public Works Tests

The essential overseers of our communities.

Illustration of city

Tens of thousands of men and women across the nation work every day to provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works. When you travel on a city street, take a stroll on a sidewalk, place trash and recycling at the curb, or picnic in a park, you are benefiting from the hard work of your department of public works. The overseers of many important aspects of our lives, our communities could not survive without them.

Wastewater Treatment Tests

ENTRY-LEVELWastewater Treatment Operator

Wastewater Treatment (WT) Assess whether a candidate has the most basic abilities necessary to perform the duties required to maintain the public’s health and the health of our water supplies. No specific plant knowledge is required.


Give your job candidates every opportunity to succeed with IPMA-HR's Entry-Level Wastewater Operator-in-Training Candidate Study Guide. Learn more.


One of the most common forms of pollution control in the United States is wastewater treatment. The supervisors of these plants assist in the oversight of all wastewater treatment operations. As stewards of the facilities that safeguard the public’s health and the health of our water supplies, these first-line supervisors are critical members of our communities.

Wastewater Treatment First-line Supervisor (WTS-FLS) Receive the essential information needed to help ensure only the most highly qualified candidates with the greatest leadership potential are promoted in your facility.