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The individual and combined modules that make up IPMA-HR’s Administrative Support Series were designed to determine whether a candidate has the basic knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics (KSAPs) necessary to successfully perform the duties of essential administrative support personnel such as, communicating with the public in a pleasant and courteous manner; taking written messages; listening to visitors’ questions; answering the phone and greeting visitors; using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar; and proofreading correspondence.

The Administrative Support Series helps ensure that you’re selecting the most qualified applicants by assessing the skills and abilities administrative support personnel need in order to be successful on the job. For example:

  • Candidates with good listening skills are most likely to have the ability to understand and follow oral instructions, conversations and other spoken information.

  • Candidates with reasoning skills are most likely to be able to apply rules and guidelines to arrive at a logical conclusion or to solve a problem.

  • Candidates with proficient reading comprehension skills are most likely to be skilled at gathering information and producing, filing, sorting and routing documents.

Each module in the Administrative Support Series was developed to match — as closely as possible — the tasks performed on the job. The examinations have been developed in this format so you can pick the modules that pertain to the administrative support position for which you’re hiring.

The tables below provide you with a comparison of all of our administrative support modules. If you would like more information, a Test Security Agreement (TSA) signer from your department may request a free inspection copy and a free copy of the Administrative Support Series technical report. In addition to individual modules, we offer two Combined Administrative Support Modules (CASM). These combinations offer some of our most popular modules in two, easy-to-administer formats.

Module Content Module KSAP Tested Test Items Total Time (min)
A Grammar Knowledge of proper grammar usage. 20 15
B Punctuation Knowledge of appropriate ways to separate written material into sentences, clauses, etc. 15 11
C Vocabulary Knowledge of the meaning of words commonly used in oral and written office communications. 30 9
D Spelling Knowledge of the correct spelling of words that are commonly utilized in typical written documents. 20 6
E Basic Filing Skill in quickly and accurately inserting and retrieving materials that are organized according to some logical system (e.g., alphabetically, numerically, etc.). 51 18
F Reasoning Ability to apply rules and guidelines to arrive at a logical conclusion or to solve a problem. Ability to discover relationships between facts and other information, and the reasons they fit together. 15 9
G Oral Instructions (AUD) Skill in understanding and following oral instructions, conversations and other spoken information. Ability to quickly learn and properly apply both written and oral information and instructions, and to remember what is learned. 20 33*
H Written Instructions Ability to read and understand written information and instructions for performing job-related tasks. Ability to quickly learn and properly apply written and oral information and instructions, and to remember what is learned. 20 25
I Forms Completion (AUD) Skill in understanding and following oral instructions, conversations and other spoken information. Ability to write clearly and utilize the English language, in words and complete sentences, to accurately summarize information into message form. 5 forms, 78 items 30*
J Data Proofing Skill in comparing letters and numbers quickly and accurately, such as when proofreading written material or verifying data. 30 13
K Document Proofing A 3 pages, 34 items 15
L Document Proofing B 5 pages, 32 items 20
M Math Reasoning Knowledge of basic arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 20 35
N Basic Math Knowledge of procedures for calculating percentages and averages. 20 20

*Time includes length of audio portion and time limit for actual questions.

Looking for a pre-selected combination of modules?

See the CASM-1 or CASM-2.


Pricing For Individual Modules

Individual modules are priced according to the number of modules you order. The more modules you order, the lower your per module cost! Per candidate pricing is structured as follows:

One Module $5.50
Two Modules $8.00
Three Modules $9.50
Four Modules $11.00
Five Modules $12.50

All additional modules after the first five are an additional $1.50 per module.

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