CF-FLS 202 Correctional Facility First-Line Supervisor Test

Time Limit: 2 hours 30 minutes Number of Questions: 100


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CF-FLS 202 was designed to assess whether candidates have the competencies to perform successfully at the rank of first-line supervisor in a corrections facility. Listed below are the six subtests included in CF-FLS 202, along with examples of the competencies they assess.

  1. Concepts of Supervision. Knowing how to provide direction and guidance to subordinates is essential for success as a supervisor, as are strategies for assessing and handling stress within the facility.

  2. Corrections Facility Operations. Supervisors need to know the current laws governing incarceration and booking (e.g., search and seizure, probable cause), as well as how to employ strategies and techniques for dealing with an inmate population (e.g., conflict management, crowd control).

  3. Concepts of Writing and Reviewing Reports and Paperwork. Being able to write in an accurate, clear, concise and organized manner and knowing the principles and techniques for reviewing reports for clarity, completeness and accuracy are important skills for a supervisor.

  4. Concepts of Evaluating Subordinate Performance. Knowledge of effective techniques and strategies for investigating misconduct or complaints against subordinates is an important supervisory skills.

  5. Concepts of Training. A supervisor needs to be able to identify their subordinates’ needs and have the ability to employ effective training and coaching techniques.

  6. Concepts of Administration. Supervisors need to have techniques and strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of new policies, procedures and programs in addition to having the ability to maintain effective relationships with the community.

Content Items
Concepts of Supervision 23
Corrections Facility Operations 21
Concepts of Writing and Reviewing Reports and Paperwork 16
Concepts of Evaluating Subordinate Performance 14
Concepts of Training 14
Concepts of Administration 12
Total 100

Candidates must receive the required Reading List for this test at least 60 days prior to the exam in order to have adequate time to acquire and study each book on the list.

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