CO-EL 101 Entry-Level Correctional Officer Test


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Test Number

CO-EL 101

Time Limit

2 hours



CO-EL 101 is a multiple-choice tests designed to determine whether a candidate has the basic abilities necessary to successfully perform the duties of a correctional officer (CO), including conducting rounds, supervising inmates, managing activities, processing bookings and releases, and report writing.

CO-EL 101 helps you select the most qualified applicants by assessing the skills and abilities new COs need to be successful on the job. It contains four subtests, which are listed below along with some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Reading Comprehension. Assesses candidates’ ability to read and understand written instructions and job-related materials, such as procedure manuals and resource materials.

  2. Counting Accuracy. Assesses candidates’ ability to keep up with inmate counts based on their comings and goings; it achieves this by requiring candidates to observe details in a series of pictures, including “head counts.”

  3. Inductive Reasoning. Assesses candidates’ ability to apply given policies to hypothetical situations that require them to maintain constant observation and control of inmates, ensuring immediate detection of problems and the steady operation of the shift.

  4. Deductive Reasoning. Requires candidates to use their best judgment to choose a course of action in a hypothetical prison situation.

CO-EL 101 Content Items
Reading Comprehension 17
Counting Accuracy 25
Inductive Reasoning 17
Deductive Reasoning 31
Total 90

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