CO-RCE Correctional Report Completion Exercise

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Time Limit

6 minute scenario + 30 minute incident report form

You can assess your candidates’ observational, listening, and written communication skills with this video-based simulation exercise. Instructions and a 30-minute timer are embedded in the video to make administration easy.

Choose one of two video scenarios, either CO-RCE 101 or CO-RCE 102, for your candidates to watch. They’ll take notes and then respond as if they were the officer on-scene. Using the accompanying Incident Report form, candidates will list the parties involved and provide a written summary of the incident.

CO-RCE is a valuable training tool useful to both new recruits in the Academy, and new officers in your department.

There are a few ways you could use CO-RCE:

  • In conjunction with another entry-level corrections test. (You will not be charged an administration fee for the supplemental test if ordered with another test product.)
  • As another hurdle for your candidates to clear in the selection process.
  • As a training tool.
PLEASE NOTE: The CO-RCE test gives you the opportunity to customize your scoring criteria to fit your agency’s needs. You may do this using the scoring guidelines, sample evaluation rating scales and rating forms included in the test administration packet.

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