ECC-RJP 101 Emergency Communication Center Realistic Job Preview

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Candidates often have unrealistic or inflated expectations about the duties and responsibilities involved in the job for which they are applying — this is especially true of positions in public safety. Combine unrealistic expectations with a high-stress work environment and the results are low morale, low productivity, and high turnover.

ECC-RJP 101 was designed to create a customizable recruitment tool for ECCs interested in providing entry-level candidates with an understanding of what it’s really like to work in an emergency communications center. Your customized RJP can help you:

  • Set realistic expectations of the job and agency.
  • Reduce the number of candidates dropping out of the recruitment process.
  • Decrease all types of turnover rates — voluntary and nonvoluntary.
  • Generate higher levels of performance.
  • Increase levels of employee satisfaction.

A valuable and effective tool in the PST recruitment process, a single purchase of ECC-RJP 101 provides your agency with lifetime use.

  • Develop a fully-customized RJP with the step-by-step How-to Guide.
  • Illustrate the individual demands of your ECC with the Customizable Template.
  • Share valuable information with prospective candidates with the critical analysis provided by the Results Page.
  • Utilize the pre-programmed Excel file to Calculate Candidates’ Willingness Ranges.
  • Learn everything you ever wanted to know about ECC-RJP 101 in the Technical Report.