Entry-Level 911 20 with Video Test

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Time Limit

2 hours 30 minutes



Using video of work samples to assess the critical abilities of candidates for entry-level public safety telecommunicator (PST), EL 911-20 (VID) becomes a valuable tool in your hiring process. Instructions and a countdown timer are embedded in the video to make administration easy.

This test has been scrambled and renamed from a previous version. Please contact us for more details.

EL 911-20 (VID) has three parts:

  1. Ability to Listen, Remember and Respond to Verbal Information. Candidates will receive information in three stages: resource material to review, video of a roll-call briefing, and audio of a series of incoming calls and radio traffic. They are asked to take detailed notes throughout, which will enable them to answer multiple-choice questions based on the information received.

  2. Ability to Use Situational Judgment. Candidates are presented with written scenarios depicting situations PSTs might encounter. They are then asked to answer a series of multiple-choice questions, by drawing reasonable and logical conclusions and following a logical course of action in response to the situation.

  3. Ability to Learn and Apply Information. Candidates are given job-related materials (e.g., policy and procedure statements, training materials) and asked to answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what they learned.

Good to Know! Video-based tests help with the reduction of adverse impact.

This test requires that you display a video to all of your candidates in a group setting. Video is available only on DVD. Also included is a scratch paper booklet for each candidate to utilize during the test.

Subtest Items
Ability to Listen, Remember and Respond to Verbal Information 42
Ability to Use Situational Judgment 30
Ability to Learn and Apply Information 28
Total 100

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