FCO 701-EM Fire Company Officer Test

Time Limit: 2 hours Number of Questions: 100


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The Fire Company Officer (FCO) series was designed to assess whether candidates have the competencies to perform successfully at the rank of fire company officer (i.e., lieutenant, captain) in a fire department.

Please be aware that there is a required reading list for this test. Candidates must receive this reading list 60 days or more prior to the exam. Be sure to allow enough time for candidates to locate a copy of each book (which could take up to two weeks if candidates order copies online) and study all the books (60 days minimum is suggested). The study period is important for learning purposes and is also an important developmental experience for candidates.

FCO 701-EM Content Items
Fire Behavior and Fire Science 11
Firefighting Tactics and Procedures 18
Rescue and Safety 12
Firefighting Equipment 8
Building Construction 12
Supervisory Practices 16
Fire Prevention and Fire Safety 5
Hazardous Materials 10
Emergency Medical Care 8

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