FF-EL 102 Entry-Level Firefighter Test

Time Limit: 2 hours Number of Questions: 90

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FF-EL 102 contains nine subtests, which are listed below along with examples of some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Reading Comprehension. Using training materials, manuals, and directions for using equipment, this section assesses candidates’ ability to read, understand and properly apply job-related materials.

  2. Interpreting Tables. Candidates are required to read materials in the form of tables, and to answer questions based on their understanding of the information presented.

  3. Situational Judgment. Assesses a candidate’s ability to quickly size up a situation and use common sense, as well as judgment and knowledge, to quickly decide what to do next.

  4. Logical and Mathematical Reasoning Ability. This section assesses candidates’ ability to apply mathematical rules given to them, and to apply deductive reasoning to reach conclusions based on the facts presented.

  5. Reading Gauges. Presents illustrations of gauges or dials and requires candidates to identify the value to which the needle on the gauge is pointing.

  6. Mechanical Aptitude. This section assesses whether candidates have a basic understanding of machinery and equipment and a practical understanding of basic physical principles, such as leverage, applied force, heat flow, and center of gravity.

  7. Spatial Sense. Tests candidates’ ability to orient themselves in new places and to find their way around based on visual cues, including their judgment of distance and heights.

  8. Map Reading. Assesses candidates’ use of logic, observation and spatial sense by requiring candidates to get from one location to another by following directions and by reading and following maps.

  9. Vocabulary. Tests candidates’ basic verbal comprehension through vocabulary questions using standard words, rather than technical firefighting terms.
FF-EL 102 Content Items
Reading Comprehension 24
Interpreting Tables 10
Situational Judgment 10
Logical and Mathematical Reasoning Ability 15
Reading Gauges 2
Mechanical Aptitude 6
Spatial Sense 10
Map Reading 6
Vocabulary 7
Total 90

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