FF-EL 301-NC (TIP) Entry-Level Firefighter Test

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Test Number

FF-EL 301-NC (TIP)

Time Limit

2 hours test + 20 minutes for TIP



FF-EL 301-NC is a multiple-choice test designed to assess whether a candidate has the most basic abilities required to perform successfully in the fire academy and, more importantly, on the job. It has a cognitive and a noncognitive component:

  • The cognitive component asks questions based on information (found in the TIP) about a hypothetical town called “Centerville,” as well as articles and facts about firefighting, in order to measure candidates’ ability to learn and perform tasks required of firefighters on a daily basis, including the ability to read, comprehend and properly apply technical information such as fire behavior and equipment; the ability to reason and apply logic and sound judgment as problems occur; the ability to develop mechanical aptitude; and whether they’re cooperative, able to work effectively with others, thorough and practice good work habits — all essential qualities to thrive in the tight-knit community of a fire company.

  • The noncognitive component (NC) uses a Firefighter Interest Questionnaire to assess a variety of personal traits consistent with success on the job, including the ability to get along with others and work as part of a team, interest in community service, conscientiousness, sense of responsibility, and the desire for a career in firefighting.

Noncognitive components provide you with a more complete assessment of your candidates while also lowering adverse impact.

FF-EL 301-NC contains five subtests, which are listed below along with some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Ability to Learn, Remember and Apply Information. Utilizes what is sometimes called a “miniature training” format, designed to assess candidates’ ability to read, understand, remember and apply information presented to them.

  2. Reading Comprehension. Consists of reading passages, typically one paragraph in length, followed by questions testing comprehension.

  3. Firefighter Interest Questionnaire. Questions in this section are designed to assess personality and interest as related to the job of a firefighter.

  4. Logic and Mathematical Reasoning. Requires candidates to solve problems using logical reasoning ability and to answer several questions involving the reading of basic mathematical tables, the application of formulas, reading of gauges and dials, and the selection of appropriate equipment.

  5. Situational Judgment. Candidates are required to demonstrate a range of abilities including cooperativeness, the ability to work effectively with others, the ability to be a “team player,” conscientiousness, thoroughness, and good work habits.
FF-EL 301-NC Content Items
Ability to Learn, Remember and Apply Information 35
Reading Comprehension 15
Firefighter Interest Questionnaire 20
Logic and Mathematical Reasoning 18
Situational Judgment 12
Total 100

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