FF-EL 302 (TIP) Entry-Level Firefighter Test

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Test Number

FF-EL 302 (TIP)

Time Limit

1 hour 45 minute test + 20 minutes for TIP



If you prefer to use a test that does not include a noncognitive component, FF-EL 202 and FF-EL 302 will meet your needs.

FF-EL 302 is a multiple-choice test designed to assess whether a candidate has the most basic cognitive abilities required to perform successfully on the job. It contains four subtests, which are listed below along with examples of some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Ability to Learn, Remember and Apply Information. Using a detailed description and map of a hypothetical town called “Centerville,” this section assesses how well candidates are able to absorb and apply new information of the type required on the job.

  2. Reading Comprehension. Provides reading passages based on firefighting topics followed by questions that require candidates to demonstrate their ability to read and comprehend technical information.

  3. Situational Judgment. This section assesses a candidate’s ability to handle day-to-day situations that deal with teamwork, following department rules, and interactions with supervisors, co-workers and the public.

  4. Logical and Mathematical Reasoning Ability. This section assesses a candidate’s ability to reason logically, solve problems, understand and apply basic mathematical data, and apply rules to new situations.

FF-EL 302 Content Items
Ability to Learn, Remember and Apply Information 35
Reading Comprehension 15
Situational Judgment 12
Logical and Mathematical Reasoning Ability 18
Total 80

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