PL 401 Police Lieutenant Test

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2 hours 30 minutes



PL 401 was designed to assess whether candidates have the competencies to perform successfully at the rank of lieutenant in a law enforcement agency. Listed below are the four subtests included in PL 401, along with examples of the competencies they assess.

  1. Laws Related to Police Work. Knowing what constitutes probable cause; the laws and procedures of arrest, search and seizure; the laws and rules of evidence; and police actions that are considered criminal (e.g., violating suspects’ rights, police brutality) are considered standard knowledge for any police lieutenant. (27 items)

  2. Concepts of Supervision. Having principles and strategies for developing and maintaining morale and discipline, and for dealing with human behavior (e.g., motivation, frustration, personal needs) and different personalities is a must for supervisors. (25 items)

  3. Concepts of Administration. Find out if your candidates understand important leadership principles and have the knowledge to develop and implement policies, to deal with liability issues, and to develop positive relationships with the community. (24 items)

  4. Standard Police Procedures: Patrol & Investigation. In order to direct and oversee the work of other officers, administrators should have knowledge of proper arrest, investigative and crime scene procedures, and they should have effective strategies and tactics for patrol and dealing with the public (e.g., conflict management, crowd control). (Patrol Procedures − 14 items, Investigative Procedures − 10 items)
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PL 401 Content Items
Police procedures: patrol and investigation 24
Laws related to police work 27
Concepts of supervision 25
Concepts of administration 24
Total 100

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