PO-EL 102 (TIP) Entry-Level Police Officer Test

Time Limit: 1 hour 45 minute test + 25 minutes for TIP Number of Questions: 100

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PO-EL 102 contains five subtests, which are listed below along with some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Ability to Learn and Apply Police Information. Assesses whether candidates can quickly learn and properly apply new methods, facts and information including rules, procedures, ideas and concepts outlined in policy manuals and other training materials.
  2. Ability to Observe and Remember Details. Assesses a candidate’s ability to take note of and remember key details about wanted, suspicious, and missing persons, events, places, and/or crimes requiring police attention.
  3. Verbal Ability. Vocabulary questions test candidates’ language skills and familiarity with word meaning, and written paragraphs assess their ability to read and understand materials related to police work.
  4. Ability to Follow Directions. Candidates are asked to interpret maps, read duty assignments, and complete report forms, which assesses their observational skills, their ability to use logic, and their ability to understand and follow directions.
  5. Ability to Use Judgment and Logic. Assesses whether candidates can follow a logical course of action, how resourceful they are, whether they can come up with solutions to tough problems, and their ability to distinguish important details.

PO-EL 102 also includes a TIP, which stands for Test Information Packet. TIPs were designed to assess candidates’ ability to learn, remember, and apply new information. Some of the material is written (e.g., work related articles and facts), and some is visual (e.g., “Wanted Posters", maps). TIPs are an essential, timed part of the tests they accompany. They are distributed and collected (after a study period) prior to handing out the test booklets.

Subtests Number of Test Items Per Subtest
Ability to Learn and Apply Police Information (TIP) 25
Ability to Observe and Remember Details (TIP) 12
Verbal Ability* 23
Ability to Follow Directions 20
Ability to Problem Solve and Use Logic & Ability to Use Situational Judgment 20
Total 100
*The PO-EL 100 Series combines Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension under the heading “Verbal Ability.”

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