PO-EL 202-NC (TIP) Entry-Level Police Officer Test

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1 hour 45 minute test + 25 minutes for TIP



The PO-EL 200-NC series (PO-EL 201-NC, 202-NC, and 204-NC) are multiple-choice tests designed to assess whether a candidate has the most basic abilities required to perform successfully in the police academy and, more importantly, on the job. All three tests have a cognitive and a noncognitive component:

  • The cognitive component asks questions based on information found in the TIP — which includes Wanted Posters, articles and facts related to police work — in order to measure a candidate’s ability to perform tasks required of police officers on a daily basis, including the ability to recall suspect descriptions and problems in their patrol area; the ability to read, understand and apply police procedures, laws, and departmental policies; and the ability to reason and apply sound situational judgment as problems occur.

  • The noncognitive component (NC) uses a Police Interest Questionnaire to assess a variety of personal traits consistent with success on the job, including an interest in dealing with and influencing people, a sense of responsibility, community service orientation and achievement orientation.

PO-EL 202-NC contains four subtests, which are listed below along with some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Wanted Posters. Candidates are asked questions related to the wanted posters found in the Test Information Packet (TIP) (e.g., crimes involved, locations, distinguishing features, aliases), which assesses candidates’ ability to observe and remember details.

  2. Test Information Packet (TIP). Candidates must recall facts and apply concepts presented in the study materials of the TIP to assess reading comprehension, reasoning, and the ability to learn and apply information.

  3. Police Interest Questionnaire. Assesses personality and interest in police work, where answers are matched against those more often chosen by police officers with high job performance ratings.

  4. Reasoning and Judgment. Given the fact that police officers are required to confront many situations that call on their ability to make sound situational judgments or social judgments, this subtest assesses their strength in the areas of logic, verbal reasoning, and situational judgment.
Subtests Items
Ability to Learn and Apply Policy Information (TIP) 23
Ability to Observe and Remember Details (TIP) 27
Ability to Problem Solve and Use Logic 6
Vocabulary 5
Reading Comprehension 4
Ability to Use Situational Judgment 5
Police Interest Questionnaire - NC 30
Total 100

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