PO-EL 302 (VID) Police Officer Test

Time Limit: 3 hours Number of Questions: 100

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PO-EL 302 is a video-based test designed to assess the critical abilities of entry-level police officer candidates using work samples. Instructions and a countdown timer are embedded in the video to make administration easy.

The four sections of the test are:

  1. Roll Call Briefing. Candidates watch and take notes on a video of a shift briefing that includes suspect photos and background intel on recent incidents, then answer 20 questions based on information received. This section is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to observe, listen to, and remember information. (15 minutes)
  2. Training Session. Candidates watch a short training session, take notes, and then answer 15 questions. This section is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to listen to, learn, and remember information. (15 minutes)
  3. Situational Judgment Scenarios. In this section, 40 questions are presented to candidates through a series of video vignettes of actual police incidents. Candidates are asked to observe and decide what action they would take. This section is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to reason and solve problems. (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  4. Multiple-Choice Questions. The last 25 test items are standard, multiple-choice questions that test candidates’ reading comprehension skills and their ability to learn and problem solve. (40 minutes)
Subtest Items
Ability to Observe and Remember Details 35
Reading Comprehension 10
Ability to Follow Directions 2
Ability to Problem Solve and Use Logic 13
Ability to Use Situational Judgment 40
Total 100

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