Police Officer Background Data Questionnaire | PO-BDQ 201-NC

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30 minutes

Find out if your candidates have the same chance for success on the job as 800 high-performing incumbent police officers from 44 cities and 13 states with the Police Interest Questionnaire. You will not be charged an administration fee for this test if ordered with another test product.

This test has virtually no adverse impact on minority group candidates.

PO-BDQ measures candidates’ predicted level of success by assessing the following:

  • Background. This includes items such as a candidate’s education, work experience, past activities and achievements.

  • Lifestyle. Asks about their preferences and patterns in regard to exercise, amount of sleep, degree of social activity, leisure activities, etc.

  • Interest in Police Work. Asks candidates to select, from a number of choices, the activity of greatest interest to them.

  • Personality. Asks candidates to rate themselves on a variety of personality traits, such as integrity, perseverance and leadership.

  • Ability. Asks candidates to rate themselves on a number of abilities, such as the ability to handle people, memory and physical capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: PO-BDQ 201-NC was designed to be complementary to a cognitive ability test (e.g., tests from the PO-EL 100 series). There are important job requirements to be assessed by cognitive ability tests that are not well covered by biodata measures such as the PO-BDQ; conversely, the PO-BDQ assesses aspects of personality, background and achievement that the cognitive ability test cannot assess. It is therefore recommended that any jurisdiction choosing to use the PO-BDQ should use it in conjunction with a cognitive ability test.

Self-scoring is not available for the PO-BDQ 201-NC. You will need to return answer sheets to IPMA-HR for scoring. Appropriate fees will be applied at checkout.

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