PSUP 503 Police Supervisor Test (Corporal/Sergeant)


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The PSUP 500 series was designed to assess whether candidates have the competencies to perform successfully at the rank of first-line police supervisor (i.e., corporal or sergeant) in a law enforcement agency. PSUP 501, 502 and 503 each contain five subtests, which are listed below along with examples of some of the competencies they assess.

1. Laws Related to Police Work. Find out if your candidates have the legal knowledge to immediately determine whether a subordinate’s actions were appropriate and legal, if probable cause exists for an arrest or search, or proper charges have been lodged against a suspect. (24 items)

2. Police Field Operations. In order to train, evaluate, correct and answer the questions of their subordinates, police supervisors must have knowledge of basic police procedures, such as when it’s appropriate to use force, proper arrest procedures, community policing concepts and basic patrol strategies. (24 items)

3. Supervisory Practices. Concepts of Supervision and Concepts of Administration have been combined under this heading.

  • Concepts of Supervision. Rated higher than any other supervisory competency is the ability to apply judgment and common sense. In this area of the test, candidates are required to demonstrate their understanding of practical concepts and their ability to apply them to supervisory situations. (20 items)
  • Concepts of Administration. The ability to navigate the chain of command, to analyze and make recommendations for departmental policy, and excellent planning skills are all important to a police supervisor’s success. (7 items)

4. Police Investigative Procedures. Securing a crime scene and conducting, supervising and coordinating the preliminary investigation and/or the ongoing investigation requires someone with knowledge of the procedures for performing tasks such as crime scene management, and gathering and preserving evidence. (15 items)

5. Records, Reports and Paperwork. Since a criminal case can be won or lost on the basis of a police report, report review is a critical part of a supervisor’s job; even grammatical or spelling errors can place the credibility of a report, or the officer who wrote it, in doubt. (10 items)

All promotional and customized tests have a required Reading List. Candidates must receive the Reading List at least 60 days prior to the exam in order to have adequate time to acquire and study each book on the list. You can obtain online a current copy of the Reading List for your promotional test.

PSUP 503 Content Items
Laws related to police work 24
Police field operations 24
Investigative procedures 15
Supervisory practices 27
Reports, records & paperwork 10
Total 100


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