WT-EL 101 Wastewater Treatment Operator Test

Time Limit: 2 hours 30 minutes Number of Questions: 100

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WT-EL 101 has six subtests, which are listed below along with some of the competencies they assess.

  1. Ability to Learn and Apply Information. Assesses a candidate’s ability to read, understand and apply information presented to them.
  2. Mathematical and Logical Reasoning. Assesses a candidate’s ability to reason logically, solve problems, understand and apply basic mathematical data and apply rules to new situations. Examples of mathematical concepts assessed include volume, conversions, solution strength and flow rate.
  3. Basic Chemistry. Assesses a candidate’s knowledge of the basic chemical, biological and physical principles associated with wastewater treatment. The principles tested are strictly high school-level concepts such as organic and inorganic compounds, acids and bases, metals and nonmetals, states of matter, and aerobic and anaerobic organisms.
  4. Mechanical Aptitude. Assesses whether candidates can interpret gauges, dials or other indicators, and if they can understand mechanical concepts and principles.
  5. Reading Comprehension. Reading passages based on wastewater topics are provided, followed by questions that require candidates to demonstrate their ability to read and comprehend technical information. Candidates are also tested on their ability to determine the meanings of words based on context clues in the passages.
  6. Safety Sense. Assesses candidates’ understanding of general safety and health hazards inherent in a wastewater treatment plant, including best safety practices and procedures.

WT-EL 101 is not meant to replace any state certification exam. It is for uncertified operators or operators-in-training (OIT) candidates who have not yet received their on-the-job training. These operators would be expected to obtain their certification (pass the state exam) six months to a year after receiving training.