Test Challenge Regulations & Instructions

Considerations in Handling Test Challenges provides a comprehensive overview of the test challenge process should a candidate wish to issue a challenge for an IPMA-HR promotional test.

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Overview of Promotional Test Challenges

IPMA-HR will not respond to test challenges submitted directly by a candidate. All challenges should be routed through the agency that administered the test. Communications in response to the challenge will only be sent to a Test Security Agreement Signer.

A Test Security Agreement Signer should contact IPMA-HR's Assessment Services Department immediately upon receiving a test challenge. In order to assist you, we will need to gather some information from you, which is detailed in full in Considerations in Handling Test Challenges.

Regarding Entry-Level Tests

IPMA-HR does not conduct test challenges for entry-level tests. Since our entry-level tests are used by a number of jurisdictions throughout the country, candidate review in one jurisdiction could compromise the validity of that test when administered to candidates in other jurisdictions. In the event that a candidate challenges an entry-level test, please contact us.

Regarding the Item Writing Service

Please also note that IPMA-HR does not provide test challenge services for items written through the Item Writing Service. Even though IPMA-HR’s test developers have written these questions, they are based on information from Agency’s resources. Therefore, the Agency is in the best position to defend them. In the event that a candidate wants to challenge one of IPMA-HR’s customized or promotional tests, please review Considerations in Handling Test Challenges. If you have questions about these instructions, please contact us.