Prepare for Test Administration

Prior to Test Administration, Test Security Agreement (TSA) signers would benefit from taking the following preparation measures.

Test Security is a Must — for Everyone's Benefit

Test Security Agreements (TSAs) are just one of the security precautions we take to ensure that our tests don’t get into the wrong hands. We require that you have a signed TSA on file with us before ordering any of our testing products or publications. We do this for your benefit, your agency or organization’s benefit, and the benefit of those who will be taking the test.

The TSA is a legal document that protects the mutual interests of all public agencies and officials who use test materials obtained from IPMA-HR. It also protects the interests of persons taking the tests by helping to ensure that no one gains special advantage by having improper access to the test materials and publications. Download a copy of the TSA to get started.

Product-Specific Information

If you would like to know more about a specific test or assessment product, we have the following documents available — free of charge — at the request of a TSA-signer from your department or organization.

  • Technical Report. Our technical reports provide detailed information about the job analysis, development and validation process for a specific test or series of tests. Here you will find much more technical and test-specific information.
  • Inspection Copy. Inspection copies of our tests are available upon request. Review of an inspection copy allows you the opportunity to ensure that the test items are applicable to your department.
  • Test Response Data Report. This report provides you with five years of test data gathered on candidates from jurisdictions that have previously administered the test. The data includes frequency distribution, adverse impact by race and gender, as well as an agency listing.

Test Preparation

In order to ensure your candidates are prepared to do their best, we provide Study Guides for the following:

  • Study guides are available for all entry-level police and fire tests.

Free Publications

We offer a variety of publications on assessment and selection related topics that are available at no charge to Test Security Agreement, covering topics such as addressing adverse impact and setting cut scores.

Your Guide to Test Day

Administering a test can be a complicated process. To ease you into it, we provide unique Test Day Administration Guides for each test we provide. We'll provide them in a Word document format, which you can then further customize to your unique test administration, so you can standardize your process. Learn more.

Prepare for Test Administration