Extend your reach and expand opportunity.

IPMA-HR has partnered with ProctorU to equip agencies with the ability to allow job candidates to take tests from any location — wherever they have a computer with a high-speed internet connection. This extends your reach and expands the opportunity to join your agency to thoseremote proctoring illustration located in remote areas.

Backed by artificial intelligence (AI), ProctorU Live+ provides highly trained live proctors to watch test-taker activity in real time. Proctors are assisted by AI with alerts to suspicious behaviors such as head and eye movements, unusual sounds or voices, and more than 25 other possible activities. If cheating is confirmed, proctors document the incident and professionally trained interventionists take the necessary corrective action.

Why choose remote proctoring?

  • Scheduled or On-demand Access 24/7. Test-takers can schedule or request an on-demand exam at any time, on any day. They have the freedom to take an exam whenever it is most convenient — 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m., ProctorU will be ready.
  • Guided Live Exam Launch Process. Test-takers are guided through the entire start process by a live proctor who can assist with any technical issues that may arise. Any incidents of questionable integrity that occur during the start process are documented and addressed by live proctors prior to the start of an exam.
  • Multi-factor Identity Verification. ProctorU verifies test-taker identity with your choice of photo ID review, photo capture, facial recognition, challenge questions, and biometric keystroke analysis, all monitored and guided by live proctors for the highest level of identity verification.
  • Live Environment Security Scans. A proctor diligently checks every part of the room and workspace being used by a test-taker. If unpermitted resources are spotted, the proctor ensures their proper removal prior to starting an exam. If a proctor suspects the use of unpermitted resources during an exam, another environment check can be made, and resources can be removed in real time.
  • Live Monitoring and Intervention. Highly trained live proctors monitor test-takers through the entire exam, flag suspicious events, and intervene when necessary.
  • AI-based Behavior Analysis. Live proctors are augmented by an artificial intelligence platform that gets smarter with every exam. The AI acts as a second set of eyes for the proctor, constantly monitoring test-taker actions and behaviors and alerting the proctor of suspicious activity.
  • End-to-end Recordings. All exam sessions are recorded end-to-end. Administrators can access a recording of a test-taker’s face and of their screen.
  • Incident Reporting within 24 Hours. If an incident occurs within a session, you'll have all the information you need within 24 hours, including documented evidence, a video recording of the test-taker and a screen recording.
  • Standardization. Highly trained proctors ensure all candidates are treated the same and have the same testing experience. Standardizing the testing process preserves the fairness and legal defensibility of the test, as well as its validity and reliability.

Have questions? We have answers! Ready to order? We’d love to speak with you! Please note that Live Remote Proctoring test orders must be initiated at least 30 days before the first anticipated test date.

Give us a call 1-800-381-TEST (8378) or email assessment@ipma-hr.org