What is the difference between online testing only and online testing with live remote proctoring?

All of IPMA-HR’s exams are hosted on the same online testing platform. There are two major differences between online testing only and online testing with live remote proctoring: (1) the proctored testing environment and (2) agency involvement in candidate setup. Agencies that choose to go with online testing only must still administer the exams in a proctored environment and supply their own proctors. This is an ideal option for agencies that have their own computer centers or have partnerships with public/university testing centers. Online testing with live remote proctoring provides agencies with the ability to expand their reach and test candidates that cannot make it to the in-person proctored environment. Although the candidates will be taking their exams online and remotely, they will still be proctored and monitored live through their computer cameras by a remote proctor assisted by artificial intelligence.

With online testing only, agencies refer to the OTAS Manual to setup their own candidates for the in-person online testing. For online testing with live remote proctoring, a representative from IPMA-HR sets up all candidates for testing; the agencies are simply responsible for distributing instructions supplied by IPMA-HR to candidates and for logging into their online testing account to download their results.

    How do I get started with OTAS?

    To place an OTAS order, you must be an authorized IPMA-HR test user. Please contact the assessment services department to sign the appropriate agreements to become an authorized test user.

    How much does OTAS cost? 

    Participating agencies will be charged an admin fee of $97 per online test order. The per candidate rate for online tests will be the same as the per candidate rate for our paper tests. The per candidate rate for the live remote proctoring session varies depending on the length of the exam. Contact the Assessment Services Department for pricing information specific to the IPMA-HR test you will be administering. The administration/setup fee will still be charged regardless of whether tests are used or not.

    For an admin fee of $250, participating agencies may enable OTAS Premium features specific to their test administration such as:

    • Time Limit/Font Size Adjustment
    • Automatic Results Emails to Candidates (You Provide the Email Template!)
      • Pass/Fail Option Available for Agencies Using Cut Scores
    • Retest Allowance (Cooldown Period Available with Live Remote Proctoring)

    How are the online tests structured?

    Each online test is composed of two sections: an instructional section and the actual exam. The instructional section is not timed and provides an overview of the exam and sample questions to assist with online navigation. The sample questions are not scored, and candidate demographic information is also collected in this section. Once the candidate begins the actual exam, a countdown clock will appear in the window, showing the candidate how much time remains.

    Will we still need a test administrator? What about proctors?

    That’s the beauty of online testing with live remote proctoring: it eliminates the need to supply your own proctors! Please note that agencies that will be using online testing only without live remote proctoring must still provide their own test proctors.

    What operating systems is OTAS with live remote proctoring compatible with?

    OTAS can be used with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Candidates should be instructed to check ProctorU's website for the system requirements needed to take IPMA-HR's exams online with live remote proctoring. 

    How is cheating prevented with live remote proctoring?

    Check out the live remote proctoring page of our website for more information on how live remote proctors assisted by artificial intelligence prevent cheating. 

    How do I register test candidates?

    That’s the beauty of online testing with live remote proctoring: you don’t! Candidate registration is a breeze because it is all done for you by an IPMA-HR representative. Simply distribute the provided instructions on how to schedule their exams on ProctorU’s website to your candidates and watch your results roll in.

    What happens on test day?

    At the beginning of each candidate’s test session and after the identity verification/security sweep, the live remote proctor will access the candidate’s computer browser to enter a test code generated by an IPMA-HR representative. The test code will enable access to the exam. The first section of the test is introductory, after which the actual exam begins. Once a candidate’s time runs out, or they choose to “turn in” their test, the candidate’s exam is scored.

    How do I get the scores?

    The person from your agency in charge of the test administration will be able to view final scores as they are updated, or they may choose to wait until all candidates have completed the exam to run a score report, which lists each candidate’s name, test code and final score.

    How are scores and candidate information secured?

    Exam scores and candidate information are stored securely in the cloud, which is only accessible by the person from your agency in charge of the test administration and designated IPMA-HR Assessment Services Department staff.

    Are there any other reports I can run in addition to a score report?

    The person from your agency in charge of the test administration may download a raw data file that contains all candidate information and scores, which can then be exported into a third-party predictive analytics software, such as SPSS or SAS, for further analysis.